Confident, Anthony Beauregard wins in ECHL

Anthony Beauregard - Thunder Wichita

Top of the league scorer

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A member of the Wichita Thunder, former forward Anthony Beauregard (in white) is currently the leading scorer in the East Coast Hockey League.

Hockey – An extra dose of confidence has done well for former Val-d’Or Foursers, Anthony Beauregard. Currently in his third term East Coast Hockey League (ECHL), the Wichita Thunder champion currently tops the league scorer with 42 points from 38 matches.

Beardgard, his closest pursuer by double digits, got off to a slow start before ignoring from January. His contribution also turns into a win for his team, as the Kansas State-based roster ranks second in the Western Conference with a .671% percentage point. Note that only the top four teams from each association will have a place in the playoffs.

However, in a league where stability is not always there, the Thunder striker has not given much thought to his future or the health crisis he faces on the planet. Once he saw that the entire campaign could be fought, he was able to focus more on his game on the ice.

“We had no idea that it would be done entirely or just for a few months. Probably a little tense knowing what is going to happen next. At the end of the day, it was really just the confidence that came in. I have been playing with the same trio for two months. The chemistry is set in 2012 and I believe I have a lot to offer, ”a former 6th-round pick of the Fours in 2012.

A detour through scotland

Following his stint with the Brampton Beast in 2018-2019, Beauregard decided to change his mind and explore new avenues. Dreaming of playing in Europe, in the spring of 2014 the President’s Cup winner with the Foursers got a chance to team up with the Dundee Stars, a strong team. Elite ice hockey league Based in Scotland.

Welcomed by Valdorian hockey player Shawn Morton-Boutin, the 25-year-old quickly became an offensive pillar of the organization with an average of nearly a point in the game.

He said, “From day one my coach made me feel that I am an important player. I was playing big minutes on power play and shorthand. This is where I told myself that I can dominate the league where I play. I reached the same state of mind with Wichita and was telling myself that I was going to give my everything, ”he said.

His former companions and patrons were also able to see the progress of the natives of Sant-Damse near Beloil. “Anthony has brought a lot of confidence and maturity to his game in Dundee,” Morton-Boutin said. He is a youth hockey enthusiast and finally got a real chance to showcase himself in North America. I am very happy to see that they have got the success they deserve. ”

Furthermore, Anthony Beauregard has not ruled out the possibility of crossing the Atlantic again if his route to North America were to be stopped. “You never know what could happen next year. Whether in the ECHL, with a large salary or at the top level in Europe, I am open to anything. My agent keeps this in mind while I focus on playing hockey and doing the best I can, ”said Beauregard, represented by Nicolas Riopel, a former QMJHL goalkeeper at the propulsion agency.

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