Connect to PRO14 Clash 28-24 Glasgow Recap

Connect to PRO14 Clash 28-24 Glasgow Recap

Connacht has launched their 2020/201 PRO campaign against Glasgow at the sports ground this evening.

Andy Friend has named the strong side with Irish international trio Kieran Murmian, Jack Carty and Bundy Aki included in the back.

Jarred Butler will lead the team with plenty of experience with Dennis Buckley, Dave Heffernan and Finlay Bilham in the front row.

Despite having been a regular in the last four of this competition against the Glasgow Warriors in recent seasons, they will have to face a difficult task.

The match is scheduled to start at 5.15pm and you can follow it exactly on Irish Mirror Sport.

Conch: J Porch; P. Sullivan, T. Farrell, B. Aki, A. Wooten; J. Carty, K. Murmian; D. Buckley, D. Heffernon, F. Bilham, G. Thornbury, Q. Rocks, J. Butler (Capt.), C. Oliver, P. Boyle. Substitutes: J. Murphy, J. Duggan, J. Nggier, N. Murray, S. Masterson, C. Blade, C. Fitzgardald, S. Arnold.

Glasgow Warriors (VK Conn Nacht the Sportsground, tomorrow at 5.15pm): H. Jones; T. Seymour, Ann Grigg, S. McDowell, R. Nyron; One Hastings, one price; O. Cable, F. Brown (Capt.), D. Rye, R. Harley, S. Cummings, R. Wilson, C. Fussaro, M. Fagerson. Substitutes: G. Turner, A. Seiuli, E. Pireto, R. Gray, F. Loktoi, G. Horne, P. Horne, R. Tive Give.

Main event

Konashch won! Full-time: Conachat 28-24 Glasgow Warriors

Glasgow also comes in direct contact with a pass on the attack and has a lineout with minutes on the corner clock …

Connacht 28-24 Glasgow

Carty nails long distance free to give Connacht a four-point lead. Glasgow needs to try with 76 minutes on the clock.

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Glasgow’s lineout is not straight and brings Connacht’s action to the halfway line

Glasgow get a penalty on breakdown and Hastings kicks him in the middle of a chat

Main event

Glasgow answer back with a try! Conashch 25-24 Glasgow

There are more chapters in this game! Tommy Seymour goes for a try and converts Hastings. It’s a point game of Galway!

71 minutes passed

Conashch 25-17 Glasgow

Karti misses the conversion but Konashch has an eight-point lead. Meanwhile Aki has departed for Sammy Arnold.

67 minutes passed

Connacht try !!! Bundi Aki with her second attempt!

A spectacular reaction from K Connacht who sees Watton skating down to the left before kicking forward and Aki is there to pick him up and slide in to try!

Conn Necht 20-17 Glasgow

The penalty kartic connnach puts the chat ahead.

64 minutes passed

Scott Cummings was fined for not rolling and Carty has a chance to put Connacht ahead …

Due to the low manipulation from Glasgow, Carty has the opportunity to kick Conachat 22 in the far side.

Hit back to Glasgow with one try! Conashch 17-17 Glasgow

Hugh Jones sees a huge hole in the center of the Conn dance defense and is able to dance on the line. Herting Quarts and we’re level again!

61 minutes passed

Main event

Try Connacht a second time! Conash 17-10 Glasgow

They have turned it around! Queen Rocks, after constant pressure and some great carrying, is the man in power under those posts. Carty adds extras.

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Paul Boyle of Connaught and Ryan Wilson of Glasgow (Photo: P INPHO / James Crombie)

Glasgow’s Ryan Wilson was on the run after a concussion to attack his knock-on.

Main event

Connacht try !!! Connacht 10-10 Glasgow

Brilliant Akin from Conn Nacht as Tom Farrell breaks the line before the load flood which gives power to the line from ten meters on full pelt!

Conashch 3-10 Glasgow

Glasgow is clearly credited with seven points for a penalty from Hastings.

47 minutes passed

After a beautiful sink from Hastings and Butler, Glasgow runs from Nda

The far side is fine and Hastings will go for the posts …

Jack Carty looks at the space and kicks Glasgow ten meters behind his own line

Konashch's Bundi Aki won the turnover
Konashch’s Bundi Aki won the turnover (Photo: P INPHO / James Crombie)

We’re back in the second half!

Main event

Half-time: Conn nach 3t 3-7 Munster

Main event

Try Glasgow!

Glasgow finally gets their try after constant pressure on Konashch. He took advantage of the penalty and found Hastings Grigg who goes to the line.

Quinn has returned to the Connacht after her yellow card, as Connach decides on the scrum.

Konashch does brilliant work to turn the rolling maul and relieve the pressure of Glasgow – will get the Murmian Pledits

The second penalty accepted by Conachat and Glasgow kicked in the corner

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Conashch is facing a lot of fines but is yet to be sentenced by Glasgow

Conashch 3-0 Glasgow

28 minutes gone

Conashch 3-0 Glasgow

A direct kick for Adam Hastings but he missed it very closely! Let’s go big for Connacht.

20 minutes passed

Connaught’s Queen Rocks has been shown a yellow card for carrying a weapon – Glasgow with another penalty and this time they are going for the posts


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