COVID-19 in New Brunswick | Six new cases including five in Edmundston

  COVID-19 in New Brunswick |  Six new cases including five in Edmundston

(Fredericton) New Brunswick authorities reported six new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday, five of which are from the Edmondston area.

Canadian Press

The five new infections reported in Edmundston are related to exposure to previous cases.

At St. Basil Regional School, four new cases were detected, out of a total of five cases. Students of the school will undertake distance education till 7 April.

The sixth case was identified in Miramachi area.

The province has a total of 114 active infections, including five hospitalists. A patient is treated in intensive care.

Vaccination clinics for high school staff are continuing their work in New Brunswick this week, this time in the Shediac, Bathurst and Campbellton areas.

Status in nova scotia

Meanwhile, Nova Scotia officials were reporting two new cases.

The province has 25 active infections, including one hospitalized.

Authorities have also identified a new case of the British version, but the person is now fine. Authorities, however, are asking “extreme caution” to the citizens of Kings Wharf and those who visited the city from 10 to 27 March, whether they had symptoms or not.

In total, Nova Scotia has reported 14 cases in the British version and 10 in the South African version.

“Testing for one version reminds us that our situation can change very quickly. We must be vigilant.

Finally, in Newfoundland and Labrador, a new case for only two active infections was identified on Sunday.


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