Danny Lee withdraws from US Open after quintuple-bogey at 18th hole

Danny Lee withdraws from US Open after quintuple-bogey at 18th hole

Danny Lee moved on from this US Open Saturday after a rough performance at the 18th hole.

Lee completed an 8-over-78 at New York’s Winged Foot, but decided after the third round of the tournament that he could not go any further.

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The 30-year-old pro golfer will save exactly after missing a putt in the 18th hole by Quintuple. He was 4 feet away from the cup when he hooked the shot to the left.

He tried to remember himself and tried the belt again – and again he pulled the belt to the left.

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Lee lost his cool and often missed a handful. Feelings of frustration spread as fans watched the meltdown on live television.

It was a surprise that he withdrew from the tournament after the display.

At the top of the leaderboard, Matthew Wolf controlled the lead after the third round and is thought to be the youngest winner since Bobby Jones in 1923 at the age of 21.

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He posted five birdies with a bag to shoot 30 on the front nine. Patrick Reed, who was the leader going on the third day, traded birdies and bogeys early in his round but he fell down. At the end of the day Bryson de Chambe was in second place.

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