Darts, World Cup 2021: Creed star Paul Lim with sensation

Darts, World Cup 2021: Creed star Paul Lim with sensation

His fan base wanted him so – and he was rewarded for crossing his fingers: Cult player Paul Lim caused another sensation at the 2021 Darts World Cup. ()Darts World Cup 3 live on TV on SPORT1 at LIVEESTREAM from 15 December to 3 January And LIVETICKER)

The now 66-year-old “Singapore Slinger” put on a terrific energy performance in the first round match of his 25th World Championship and knocked out Englishman Luke Humphries from the tournament after a thrilling 3–2.

Here you can download the PDF schedule for Darts World Cup 2021 and then take a print out of it.

Darts Grandpa Lim, who eliminated two-time World Cup semifinalist Mark Webster in the first round three years ago, won in the end thanks to his strong nerves – an overall weak checkout rate (11 attempts out of 36) or 30 percent. 23 percent on Humphries).

As his opponent also got into double trouble in the end and Lim’s scoring remained decent (three-darts averaged 89 to 92), a really happy ending for the Asian, who was on Tuesday as Dimitri van den Berg (Belgium) Will meet you (Darts World Cup 2021 schedule and result)

As a reminder: In 1990’s Lim, at that time already at the age of 36, played the first perfect game in a world championship (501 to 0 with nine darts) – to this day only in BDO’s World Championship Nine Darts (British Darts Organization). For this success, he was awarded a bonus prize of £ 52,000, double that of eventual tournament winner Phil Taylor (£ 24%).

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Cult player Paul Lim creates sensation against Humphries

Lim later said, “You should never give up Game 1. “Experience is also important, but daily performance is also important.” (Stats on Paul Lim vs. Luke Humphries)

Humphreys looked a bit strong for a long time, still mentally stable after his opponent, who had been active since 1973, braked early after three missed opportunities in the third round, then won the set and put a lot of pressure . .

“Cool Hand Luke”, who made it to the quarter-finals of the World Cup last year, focused and competed several times. Then, Lim set another warning sign with the removed 121 (20, T17, Bullseye), and after the 14-darter (the first match against himself with the darts) actually equaled the set.

The match turned into a thriller and took on the most dramatic features ever: Humphries took the lead, there were a dozen chances to pull away in the second leg – only to end up empty handed.

It’s crazy how the number 34 in the world crossed it to check for 8 with eleven (!) Arrows. This made Lim more beaming Game 1-Microphone: “It’s just a shame there weren’t fans. I missed them too.”

Van Dugenbod Still Slowing Brooks

Earlier, Bradley Brooks and Dirk van Dugenbod delivered a thriller: Only 20-year-old Englishman Brooks was already on his way to victory at the premiere of his tournament due to a 2–0 lead and was allowed to dream of a duel. Former world champion Rob Cross. (Statistics on Bradley Brooks vs. Adam Hunt)

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But in the end, van Duijenbod swung the table and won 3–2 after winning nine legs in a row against the junior world champions, who had already qualified for the Grand Slam of the Darts.

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Last but not least, the deciding factor was that “The Titan” eventually raised its three-darts average to 93, while “Bam Bam” Brooks weakened to more than 110 in the first round, even against his opponent. Not much had to be followed nervously.

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John Henderson, in turn, scored a hard-fought 3–2 win over Marco Kantele. (Figures on John Henderson vs Marco Kantale)

The “highlanders” of Scotland made life difficult for themselves. With a weak checkout, especially in the second round (only 2 of 15), he repeatedly got into double trouble (13 out of 40 overall) before it was clear where he needed to go now. K is against Johnny Clayton.

Even a very decent average of over 91 (compared to 79) hardly brought any real protection against Finn Kantele. The symptom is that Henderson can only use fourth match darts on double 12.

James Wade doesn’t want to leave anything

On the other hand, James Wade competed in the second round against the younger:

In a 2009, 2012 and 2013 duel with semifinalist Kellan Ridz, flexed his muscles and gave his English compatriot a 3–0 lesson. (Stats on James Wade vs. Callan Rides)

Hughes: Dropped first World Cup player

In the afternoon session, Jamie Hughes was the first player to be defeated by Adam Hunt (All England) against Lisa Ashton.

Northern Irishman Mickey Mensel historically suffered a unilateral defeat to Hutai Puha (New Zealand) in a 3–0 win, not missing a single leg – a complete whitewash only 31 times in World Cup history, including legend Phil Is included. Taylor and Domination Michael Michael Gerwen.

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At a Glance Game on Friday (Best of all 5 sets):

Evening session:

1st round:
Dirk van Duijenbod (Netherlands) – Bradley Brooks (England) 3-2
John henderson (Scotland) – Marco Kantele (Finland) 3-2
Luke Humphries (England) – Paul lim (Singapore) 2: 3

Second Round:
James wade (England) – Colonel Ridz (England) 3: 0

Afternoon session:

1st round:
Mickey mainsail (Northern Ireland) – Hoopai Puha (New Zealand) 3-0
Darius Labanauskas (Litouen) -Chengan Liu (China) 3: 0
Wayne Jones (England) – Siran Tehan (Irland) 3: 2

Second Round:
Jamie Hughes (England) – Adam hunt (England) 0: 3


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