Deadly derailment in Scotland due to a landslide

Deadly derailment in Scotland due to landslide

(London) The deadly train derailed in northeast Scotland, claiming the lives of three people on Wednesday, caused by a landslide, the Railway Accident Investigation Authority (RAIB) said on Friday.

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At 6:38 am the train from Aberdeen to Glasgow derailed near Stonehaven, about 25 kilometers south of Aberdeen. The area was affected by heavy rains from Tuesday to Wednesday, causing floods and landslides.

“Six vehicles on the train derailed after a landslide-generated mass collapsed about 2.25 km north-east of Carmont, Aberdeenshire,” the Rail Accident Investigation Branch reported on Friday.

Only nine people were on the train, the organization said, a small number due to travel restrictions imposed last week following the resurgence of new coronavirus cases in Aberdeen.

Three people were declared dead on the spot by emergency services. They are drivers, a 45-year-old man with three children, another railway worker and a passenger.

According to RAIB, the train continued on its way after leaving Stonehaven, until it was reported in Carmont that a landslide would prevent it from continuing on Lawrencekirk.

The driver then set off to return to Aberdeen. “After traveling around 2.25 km, the train took A. [autre] Landslide that covered the tracks and derailed ”, explained RAIB

“The train continued straight for about 90 meters until the track went right, until it collided with the parapet of a bridge,” continued the organization, specifying that the lead car was “on the bridge before falling.” Continued “, such as the third passenger car in place.

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Other cars overturned completely, and some landed on the first car.

British Transport Minister Grant Shaps on Thursday asked Network Rail, which manages the rail network, to monitor the status of the network and send it to September first conclusion of a report on the security of the entire UK network.

Known for its delays and management problems, the UK network is still considered safe and dates back to 2007 from the last fatal track.


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