Descent Wilder Ty Tyson Fury

Descent Wilder Ty Tyson Fury

Dunte Wilder on Saturday publicly talked to WBC heavyweight titleholder Tyson Fury about his loss in his second fight earlier this year, accusing Fury of loading gloves and not even honoring the rematch clause in his contract.

In a Twitter video and three subsequent tweets, Wilder called Fury fearful of not honoring his contract. The fury came a week after the announcement when he plans to fight an opponent in London on December 5, the announcement of which is yet to be made. Fury and his co-promoter Frank Werner recently expressed doubts that a third fight with Wilder would take place in 2020.

Many had previously thought that there would be a third fight between the two in December.

Wilder wrote on Twitter, “While you were going through your dark times, I told you I would give you a title shot if you put yourself together. Being a man of my word, I gave you a title shot,” Wilder wrote on Twitter. Wrote on Twitter. “When that fight was a draw, I told you I would give you a match again. You know I was offered more money to fight. [Anthony] Joshua again than I fought you, being a man of my word, I said I fought like you.

“In the rematch contract, there was a match clause again. Now it’s time to honor your word by becoming a man, instead of trying to make a nest from our contract.”

Wilder entered the first fight with Fury with a 40-40 record; That fight ended in a draw. In the rematch on February 22, Wilder’s trainer, Mark Breland, threw a towel while Fury won by TKO in the seventh round.

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In his Twitter video on Saturday, Wilder called Fury “a thief” who tricked Wilder into showing his greatness. He also accused Fury of using gloves filled in both fights. He alleged that he saw Ricky Hatton in the corner of Fury in the first fight, “pulling down to put your crown in the wrong position.”

“You all tried the same method a second time, but this time you scratched the flesh out of my ear, causing it to bleed,” Wilder said. “It’s impossible to bend a new 10-ounce glove, have a smash-in form or have loose space.

“I pretty much believe you put something stiff in your glove, something the size and shape of an egg weight. That’s the only reason the side of my face has bulged up in the form of an egg weight.

ESPN’s Mark Craigle spoke with Bob Bennett, executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, who said Wilder’s allegations of having an object in his gloves were “absolutely false.”

Bennett said there is a protocol for gloves in championship fights and the gloves are sealed by the factory and given to the commission about 72 hours before the fight. They are then unsalted and inspected. After the army weights the fighters pick up their gloves and then the gloves are re-sealed and are not seen again by the fighters until the fight night in the dressing room with the NSAC inspector in the room.

Bennett told Craigell that these waves are never alone.

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Fury has previously disputed the claims of load-gloves. In an Instagram post in June, Wilder’s brother suggested that Fury had put something in his gloves, while Fury wrote that Wilder’s trainer Jay was in the room and he checked Fury when he wrapped his arms and put on gloves. Fury wrote this allegation to be true, Dees should be on it.

Fury wrote in the post, “So everyone took charge of the wrong game, the bull —.” Bye, bye forever. “

In his Twitter video on Saturday, Wilder also blamed Breland for throwing the towel, calling it a “betrayal” and criticizing referee Kenny Belles for ending the fight. Wilder announced earlier this month that he and Breland had split.

When the fight stalled, Fury made 82 of 267 landings, compared to Wilder’s 34 of 141. When the fight ended in the seventh round, Fury led 59-52 on two scorecards and 58-53 in third place.

“In the end, he took the bucket referee and an insidious trainer into a crab to throw a towel to stop me.” Wilder said.

“Payback is coming.” With that he ended the video.


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