Despite World Cup Round of 16, USA Has a Tough Time for “Soccer”

Despite World Cup Round of 16, USA Has a Tough Time for

Americans everywhere are not supporting the national football team.Image: Keystone

American football players are still struggling to find attention at home. The win against Iran was a start and the future looks bright anyway.

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The bar in San Diego is packed for the USA vs England group game. The oval is also attracting some attention in the leather country against the football bastion and former colonial power. With a 0–0 victory, the American boys achieved international respect. At the bar, however, no one is impressed. “Nothing for two hours,” grumbles a frustrated visitor.

It explains very well why soccer is struggling in America. Often – compared to football, basketball or hockey – there just aren’t enough great things. And for the boredom of farming, Americans already have baseball.

hundreds of thousands of soccer moms

Football is a very popular leisure activity. It is the most played sport in lower and middle school, the term “soccer mom” who drives her kids to soccer is a saying. As a TV game, however, it leads a shadowy existence.

Besides, men are still in the shadow of much more successful women. This is clearly reflected in the distribution of premiums. Although FIFA pays several times more prize money in the men’s World Cup, it is divided equally. Curious: The US women have already earned more at this year’s World Cup in Qatar than from their own World Cup title in 2019.

The players around Chelsea star Christian Pulisic can only turn around their shadowy existence through success. A 1-0 win over Iran made headlines more for political reasons, while Saturday’s round of 16 win over the Netherlands grabbed headlines for all the right reasons. In the group stage, the Americans impressed with their speed and willingness to run, but were only able to keep the pace for less than an hour.

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The mystery about Dortmund star Reyna

There are question marks about Pulisic and Giovanni Reyna. The last time he scored the winning goal against Iran, he suffered a hip injury. Their mission against the Netherlands is on the brink.

An even bigger mystery is 20-year-old Borussia Dortmund’s Reyna. Promoted as the third best player under the age of 23 in the FIFA list ahead of the tournament, the spectacle-maker has had a tough time with coach Greg Berhalter. He has only played nine minutes in the last three games. Now he may get his chance.

Gio Reyna of the United States, left, talks with Jude Bellingham of England at the end of the World Cup Group B soccer match between England and the United States at Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, Que ...

Gio Reyna (left) is rarely used by the United States.Image: Keystone

The future looks bright anyway: The word “boys” is perfect, as the Americans are the youngest team in Qatar. In the home World Cup in four years, he will be in the limelight for once. There’s also consolation for the frustrated bar visitor in San Diego: There will surely be at least one goal on Saturday – the latest in a penalty shoot-out. (Abu/SDA)

Most wins in the Football World Cup


Most wins in the Football World Cup

Source: Keystone / Naushad Thekkayil

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