DFB women are looking for coolness

DFB women are looking for coolness

Too much effort, too little return: The DFB Women wanted to forget the 1-0 draw against Olympic champions Canada as a learning experience from the point of view of the European Championship.

Martina Vos-Tecklenburg really didn’t get smart with this game. “We lost and I don’t know why yet,” the national coach said after a 1–0 (0–1) loss to Olympic champions Canada in the Four Nations tournament in England.

However, the 54-year-old gained insight on this windy evening on Carrow Road in Norwich. His weak team invested a lot of “heart, passion and work” during the game, recognizing progress. “But”, Vos-Tecklenburg admitted, “of course we are not satisfied with the result.”

After a 1-1 draw against Spain at the start, the young DFB team is still missing their sense of accomplishment in the EM year. There should be about four and a half months before the Euro (July 6 to 31) on Wednesday (8:30) with the necessary coolness.

According to Sarah Dabritz, “to be more precise, ice cold and then round” is the order of the day in the next endurance test. Tournament victory in the “Arnold Clark Cup” is no longer possible for the record European champions as the bottom of the table with only one point.

National coach depends on development in DFB team

However, with three world-class teams the development steps are more important for the national coach in performance. Nicole Anomie, 22, received special praise as a refurbished property with “speed and decisiveness, she’s an asset to us.”

Young defensive center Voss-Tecklenburg were optimistic, with Sofia Kleinharne (both 21/Eintracht Frankfurt) and Jana Feldkamp (23/TSG Hoffenheim) being allowed “little or nothing” out of the game. Canada central defender Vanessa Giles (7th) led the ball after a corner.

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After two disappointing tournaments, the 2016 Olympic champion looks to be on top again this summer. One-way street football in the World Cup qualifiers in the last six months did little to improve on the title.

Referee trouble for the national team

Voss-Tecklenburg pointed this out when he was asked to analyze the lack of dominance against top opponents: “But if we don’t play at that level so often where should it come from?”

Despite the turbulent and hectic start, the national coach did not regret the seven changes in his starting eleven. While load control is essential, it’s also about the experience: “We want every player to take something with them.”

Voss-Tecklenburg was clearly offended by the referee, who “could not perform at this level today”. Amikar Caldera (Venezuela) missed two penalty-worthy shots from the Canadians, but was also not penalized by DFB goalkeeper Ann-Katrin Berger (52nd) for an emergency break against Nickel Prince.


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