Dietmar Hamann raids against DFB and Oliver Bearhoff

Dietmar Hamann raids against DFB and Oliver Bearhoff

The former national player had already slammed DFB’s PR video on his personal Twitter account on Monday, and experts are now following via Sky.

“If I see a glowing video posted on the social network the next day of this protest, it is no longer worthy of a national team. As an ex-international, I was ashamed of it,” the 47-year-old grumbled.

Prior to the World Cup qualifier against Romania, the DFB team wore shirts with the words “Human Rights”. The starting point for the pungent criticism was not the action itself, but rather the creation of a later published video. The DFB seemed to have misused the exemplary campaign for marketing purposes only.

“It is about the basic rights of people in another country. It is right to address it and perhaps also the duty of the association and the players. But to use it for PR purposes is the extent of the loss of reality for me,” said Haman .

Olive Bierhoff’s indirect, but violent criticism

Without locating a main culprit, Hamann’s criticism is directed primarily at manager Oliver Bearhoff: “It’s him who eventually accepts it because he’s responsible. I don’t know that anyone at DFB thought that It was a good idea that one also has to ask what is going on in the minds of people who approve of this kind of action. “

Haman can understand fans who have a feeling of being eliminated from the national team. And immediately offers a suggestion as to how the DFB could have behaved alternatively: “Other national teams have also taken action. If they are serious, the unions should get together and write an open letter to the Qatari Organizing Committee or the government . “

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