Do you become a psychopathic murderer by reading a thriller in prison?


crucifix killer, Known in France under the title the killer marco (Transl. Bernard Clement, Pocket), a has actually been removed from the shelves of the Scottish prison library. ” Scotland’s worst young offenders sought to waste time during lockdown “, According to Sunday

The English bestseller of Chris Carter, a former employee of the Michigan attorney’s office as a psychotic offender, has concerned prison for the effect deemed potentially harmful.

The novel tells about the victim of a violent and psychopathic killer in Los Angeles. ” It all started a few days before Christmas in a church in the City of Angels: a priest’s body was found on the steps of the altar. Instead of his head, a dog’s head has been replaced. Detective Rob Hunter, in charge of the investigation, learns that a recurring nightmare haunted Religious: that he be beheaded… »

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Novels are not the only ones in this prison that are considered suspicious of literary interests. Thrillers are also among the most popular readings i am the nightof Ethan Cross, which, once again, portrays a psychic killer and his murders, each more horrifying than the next.

Let us be reassured: There is no favor to all of these young prisoners’ reading choices” frightening “. Many prisoners eat the saga harry potter. This list of the most read books includes a step-by-step drawing guide as well as a dream interpretation dictionary.

Scottish prison star Kim Kardashian

The Sun went to the Scottish Prison Service to inquire about the ten most borrowed books in Scottish prison libraries from the Scottish Prison Service. And this, over the past 12 months, from the first day of the UK lockdown on 23 March last year.

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Not all prisons explicitly keep records in a way that allows them to reveal this type of classification. Some prisons contract out their library services to local authorities.

However, we learn that the inmates of Greenock Prison were very interested in books dedicated to the famous Kardashian family or the biography of the great English football player George Best. A chaotic life for the performer of the round ball, the great party animal in front of the eternal, who often ends up behind bars, and is specifically declared: ” I spent a lot of money on alcohol, girls and sports cars, the rest I wasted. »

The Saga of E.L. James, in the Women’s Prison of Corneton Vale,fifty shades of gray, dominate the rankings …

credit: Michael Myers InnHalloweenDee John Carpenter (1978)


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