Does the German wolf bite the pack?

Does the German wolf bite the pack?

wooHen Philipp Schnemann talks about the German national team in 7-a-side rugby, sounds like a brewer who brags about his vines. “Something has evolved there,” he says, adding that “the core of the team” has “matured” over the years. Now is the time to “cut the prize”. 2022 should be a particularly good vintage in German rugby. “The team deserves it.”

Snemann is from South Africa, known to know a lot about wine, but specifically about rugby. Until a few years ago, he himself was one of the best players in the world in the fast-paced Sevens version of the game. He was the captain of the South African national team “Blitzbock”, and with them won bronze medals at the World Championships and the Olympics three times. Since April, Schnemann has coached the German team with longtime national player Clemens von Grumbko. His contract initially related to the project is valid till the end of September.

However, the project has it all: this weekend, the Germans are looking to qualify for the World Cup for the first time. Attending the tournament in front of 60,000 fans in Cape Town in mid-September will be the current highlight in the history of German rugby. A few weeks later, the Chile World Series is about to be promoted to the elite league of national teams. He has often tried to do so, but failed dramatically at the qualifying tournaments in Hong Kong between 2016 and 2019.

A brutal defeat at Rugby Temple

On a rainy July day, coach Snemann sits on the edge of a rugby field at the Olympic base in Heidelberg and recalls the first moment he saw a German team playing sevens rugby. That was in 2009, he was a young, motivated newcomer to the South African team and Germany was a guest team at the World Series tournament in England.

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