Dolphins vs. Rams Score: Tua Tagoviloa wins first NFL start with the help of Miami defense, special teams

Dolphins vs. Rams Score: Tua Tagoviloa wins first NFL start with the help of Miami defense, special teams

Tua Tagovaloa’s first career NFL start was in poor fashion, but he eventually backed down and recorded his first NFL start in the first NFL, beating the Los Angeles Rams 28-17 in the final, which is how the game ended. Can’t. Was not. When Rams snatched the fifth overall on the first offensive possession of the Miami Dolphins, Aaron Donald (that guy) mulled his blocker and pushed it back into Tegoviloa’s face before snatching the ball. This volatility was then recovered by Michael Brokers and then by the rams crime who made money from the initial touchdown. This favor was paid off when defensive lineman Christian Wilkins stopped a struggling Jared Goff, giving Tagoviloa a great field position.

He paid off the game with the first touchdown of his young NFL career, tying the game and removing some early game zeitgeist after seeing some unequal decisions. All told, he looked like Goff that he would never have started an NFL game, just a quarter by a. A posted a passenger rating and was only corrected by the intensity of the efforts he went through in failing to dig his team. He threw them out of the hole.

Goff had four turnovers in the first half, and the Dolphins promised to convert three of them into touchdowns. It wasn’t the beginning of a wink by TagoViloa, but the win is a win, and it’s a defense.

Why Dolphins won

It wasn’t the first NFL start for Tegovilloa, and he needed to take his full defense and special teams unit for the big-piece dinner – keeping in mind what those two units did that ruled the day. Credit TagoVilloa for evading ncing back from his early round to get Goff’s interceptions touchdown, but his state line was largely forgotten in the 8th week, however, he was not enslaved to how Goff was throughout the game, essentially with the Dolphins defense. Her lunch money is regularly stolen and immediately moved to the locker.

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Goff had four turnovers in the first half alone, and that directly or indirectly, the Dolphins scored three touchdowns. Tuss in the 88-yard punt return for Jackim Grant and Touchdown, and a 28-10 halftime lead to win the struggling Goff was much higher. Head coach Brian Flores should be proud of what he did to his defense on Sunday, entering the game as a -.- point underdogs but departing with a win, as he was the yard’s hungrist dog.

Why Ram lost

At the end of the first quarter, Goff had a pass rating of 9.7, and it was raised to 32.8 from the last drive of the half. And just as rude, the ratings don’t take into account his two losing slip-ups in the game that constantly saw his team put in a consistent deep hole. Sean McVeigh’s generally creative and high-scoring offense against the Dolphins defense was stripped away and left sitting on the bricks in front of the police station, with no sense against the Dolphins.

At one point, Miami scored ૨ 28 points with just 56 offensive yards off, agreeing on how popular the defense and special teams unit was this weekend. The Rams felt great after Aaron Donald rocked the opening drive of Tagoviloa. The Rams take a 7-0 lead, but it was more or less the end of their good times in Miami. Although it was Tegoviloa’s first NFL start, it was unexpectedly Goff who played like Russ.


This is where things could turn in Rams’ favor – Tagoviloa’s first career NFL touchdown after Goff’s first hurdle to tie the game at 7-7 in a position to withdraw the lead – but look no further than Emmanuel Ogabah said. The forced Luffins were given the first lead of the game by linebacker Rew Andrew Van Ginkle for a touchdown of the back-and-yard, and they never turned back.

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Play the game

One minute after the Van Jinkel touchdown, Jakim Grant blew the roof with a touchdown with an 88-yard punt that put the Dolphins up 21-7 and shattered the Rams’ new confidence.

Speed ​​kills.

Is McWay’s Kryptonite in Miami?

“I’m starting to think Brian Flores might have Sean McQueen’s number.” – Cameron Dasilva Rams wire

What’s next

The Dolphins now head west to face the deadly Arizona Cardinals, while the Rams lick their wounds in their bye weekends and work in preparation for battle with the high-powered Seattle Seahawks in two weeks.

Catch all the highlights and action you missed in the live blog below.



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