Donald Trump claims to have received Sean Connery’s help for a project in Scotland, the Scots deny


Donald Trump reported on Twitter that James Bond’s interpreter, who died on Saturday, supported him in a hotel project in Scotland. What did the scottish authorities dispute

Donald Trump attended a tribute ceremony on Sunday to James Bond’s first artist and legendary Scottish actor Sean Connery, who died at the age of 90 on Saturday. The US president thus went there with his anecdote, revealing on Twitter on Sunday how Sean Connery had helped him set up a luxury tourist complex, golf course and hotel in Scotland. Several Scottish officials quickly denied the story.

“Now is not the time to tweet silly claims”

“Veteran actor 007 Sean Connery has gone for more greens [allusion à l’amour du golf de l’acteur]. He was quite a companion with a strong character. I had a hard time getting permission for a big project in Scotland when Sean stepped in and said, ‘Let him talk this damn thing. That’s all I needed, and from there everything went like clockwork. He was much admired and respected in Scotland and survived many years of turmoil. Sean was a great actor and an even bigger person, “concludes Donald Trump.

A beautiful story … except that it is false. Donald Trump was able to establish his golf course and luxury hotel in Scotland in 2008, but this was not thanks to Sean Connery. According to Martin Ford, Aberdeenshire’s advisor to the head of the planning committee, who initially refused in 2007, questioned Donald Trump’s request. Guardian, “Mr Connery was not involved in the process that led to the granting of a building permit for a golf resort in Maini. He did not present a letter of representation to the council, did not appear. At the planning hearing or at a local public inquiry . ”Anticipating significant economic gains, the government eventually approved the project.

“Sean Connery’s contribution and his work is immense, genuine and lasting and anyone in the class should consider it today. Tributes come from all sources, but now is not the time to tweet. Stupid statements or feedback on them.” To deliver, “echoed former Scottish Prime Minister Alex Salmond in Scottish newspaper The national.

The Scottish government, for its part, cautiously returned the paper to the White House, saying it was unclear what Donald Trump was referring to in his tweet.

Sean Connery, the unforgettable James Bond and the interpreter of many great roles in cinema, died on Saturday in the Bahamas, where he resided. The 90-year-old suffered from dementia and died “peacefully”, his family said. Born in the suburbs of Edinburgh, he has displayed a strong attachment to Scotland throughout his life. Alex Scotland tweeted, “Scotland forever got tattooed not only on its arm, but also on its soul.”

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