Donald Trump used to play football, baseball and soccer

Donald Trump used to play football, baseball and soccer

It was in the late fifties when America was really optimistic and content. The world was still well organized and clearly organized, and the father of the family still had unquestioning authority. Why a rebellious teenager in the affluent neighborhood of Queens, New York City, had to pack his things in the late summer of 1959. Successful real estate entrepreneur Frederick Trump saw no other option than to send his second youngest son to a strict boarding school: to the New York Military Academy in Cornwall-on-Hudson, where students were given soldiers’ uniforms and were given strict orders. was given barracks

Every start was difficult. Because young Donald John Trump neither knew how to make a bed nor how to clean his shoes. But then he found his way very well. “He just wanted to be first in everything. And he wanted the people around him to know him too,” one coach later said. This was especially evident in the game. Trump football, at 1.84 metres, Was a major player on school teams in soccer and baseball.

“He accepted criticism,” one of the coaches recalled years later: “because he didn’t just want to be better. But the best.” Especially in baseball, where Trump played mostly first base, but occasionally Also used as a catcher, and where you learn a difficult art: hitting a hard ball with a goal stick. At one point he was so good that scouts from the National League club, the Philadelphia Phillies, took an interest in him.

Trump spent five years in the educational establishment, which has produced many brilliant people over the decades. Director Francis Ford Coppola (“Apocalypse Now”), music composer and librettist Stephen Sondheim (“West Side Story”), Mafia character John Gotti Jr., and one or two career executives. But none of them became as famous and influential as the Boys from Queens. Perhaps because no one from this stage of his life has so much affirmed his great ego. A philosophy that today can be narrowed down to these thoughts: I am strong! Politicians are weak! I tell the truth and I never give up! All others lie and face our opponents with the white flag! I will rebuild myself internally and ensure that this country is met with fear all over the world!

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Buggy and Private Aviator: Trump likes to come straight into the bay.

The results of this experiment can be seen from January 20, when Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States in Washington and took over from Barack Obama. Hard to believe: But the kind of plans that were already emerging in Cornwall: “I was very successful in this military system and was one of the top guys in the whole school,” Trump claimed some time ago, several Add another, adding to the fold self-assessment (“My IQ is one of the greatest”).

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