Donald Trump wants to play golf in Scotland in complete lockdown, PM said no

Donald Trump wants to play golf in Scotland in complete lockdown, PM said no

The outgoing US president is said to have planned to visit Scotland on the eve of Joe Biden’s inauguration, according to the Scottish press, while the British nation remains in complete control. The head of government told him in response that he would not be welcomed.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon warned outgoing US President Donald Trump on Tuesday 5 January that the British nation, where he has golf courses, would not allow him to go there, on a possible visit at the end of press reports. his mandate.

According to the Scottish newspaper Sunday Post, at Prestwick Airport in eastern Scotland, warnings of the arrival of a Boeing 757 sometimes used by the US president are scheduled for January 19 – a day before the White House inauguration of his successor Democrat Joe Biden . Fueling speculation about a possible visit, the newspaper cited intense activity at this airport by US military planes, which reportedly carried out a reconnaissance mission at Trump Turnberry, two golfers owned by Republicans in Scotland. One of the campuses.

like “someone else”

Contacted by AFP, Prestwick airport however confirmed through a spokesperson “do not wait for Donald Trump’s visit in January”. Asked about this during a press conference, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she “has no information about Donald Trump’s travel plans,” except that she “expects his project to leave the White House.” will be”. “But at the moment we do not allow people to come to Scotland except on essential trips,” she recalled, as the British province tightened the terms of its confinement on Monday. “It applies to them as it applies to anyone else,” warned the prime minister. “And coming to play golf is one reason I wouldn’t consider necessary,” she concluded.

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Speculation is rife over what Donald Trump, who still refuses to give up, will scuttle the nomination of Joe Biden on January 20. If he had not attended the ceremony in Washington, he would have been breaking a more than a century old tradition.

Turnberry Golf Resort has so far not responded to AFP’s requests.


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