Donald Trump will not go to Scotland once Joe Biden is elected president

Donald Trump will not go to Scotland once Joe Biden is elected president

The Scottish press had speculated that Donald Trump was spending a few days at his Turnberry Golf Club. The White House ruled out a possibility and was rejected by the Scottish Prime Minister, recalling the current imprisonment.

Where will Donald Trump go on January 20? Two weeks before the opening of Joe Biden, the question is still open. The billionaire, who denies his defeat, did not say what his plans would be after his term in office. A possibility came from Scotland after the Sunday Post, stating that the US government’s plan to land the aircraft was sent to Prestwick Airport, citing the arrival of the Boeing 757 on 19 January. “This is not right. President Trump has no plans to travel to Scotland,” “new York TimesWithout informing the billionaire’s plans, on New Year’s Eve, White House spokesman, Kayle McNee, who returned from Mar-a-Lago, focused his efforts on canceling the ballot altogether, leading to his defeat.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon also denied the idea, as general control in the country has been re-declared to prevent the spread of coronovirus: “We are not letting people enter Scotland and this is happening Is and will apply to them as others. Playing golf is not an essential goal for me. “

Going to florida?

There are no plans to return to New York for Trump, who officially lived in Florida in 2018. But a facility in Mar-a-Lago is compromised, because in order to achieve attractive establishment status – and taxation is advantageous with it-, Donald Trump did not use the club as a residence in 1993. Agreed. The estate’s neighbors, who have made concessions over the past four years in the name of presidential protection, have already indicated they will oppose a daily installation by Donald and Melania Trump, later starting renovations to their personal headquarters and their 14 years K visited a school for his son, Barone.

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Donald Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, stayed in Washington to see his youngest daughter Sasha finish high school. He still lives in the Kalorama neighborhood, where his neighbors are … Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

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