Drakar bows to return to the game. Dracker Junior hockey | right

  Drakar bows to return to the game.  Dracker  Junior hockey |  right

Highlighting the performance of best player Xavier Parent on Ice Cream Saturday, Phoenix head coach Stephen Julian said, “Havlaj made significant saves at the right time and our veterans made the difference.” “We went for the first big goal, which allowed us to play with confidence.”

Phoenix was the only formation to hit the goal in the first period when parents surprised Lucas Fitzpatrick with a high shot after cutting through the top of the slot. In the third, Israel Mianskum doubled his lead after Fitz was able to maneuver near the net without being worried. The latter faced 31 puck.

Rioux Transacts Again

For his part, general manager Pierre Rioux was also active on Saturday, acquiring Jeremy Berube of the Moncton Wildcats, an 18-year-old defenseman from Carleton-sur-Mer. He drafted a 10th round Nova Scotia player by Drucker in 2020 and a 7th round pick of Bei-Komu in 2023, in exchange for Ben Mercer.

Originally, this transaction was not necessary in the plans of the Director General of Drucker, but it was imposed due to effective health measures in these times of epidemic.

“Basically, we would like a young defender to be part of the organization in the bubble, to give him playing time and to show him the atmosphere of the team, but it’s very complicated to practice with 14 days of quarantine and without going. “School is that we decided to do this exchange”, he argued.

“We think this is a calculated risk from our side,” the CEO continued. “Berube was in the line-up of Monton at the beginning of the season, but suffered an injury. However it has been restored at 100%. He is a good guy who skates well and gets caught well. We will try to give him time. “

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Berube should have a minimum of 14 days, as he too must go through a period of separation before officially joining the club. So it will not be the next Drucker bubble in Rimuski from January 20 to February 7.

notes : Among the five newcomers aboard the Drakar, Dylan Sivaz wears number 2. The former RemPart teamed up with Anthony Lavoie on Saturday, which is Drucker’s best hope for the Blue Line … Bei-Comio hosts this Sunday-protected environment. Sagacity of Twitch.


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