Duchess Kate and Prince William: Reuniting with Prince George in Rugby EM

Duchess Kate and Prince William
With Prince George at the Rugby Championship

Prince William, Prince George and Duchess Kate attended a Six Nations tie at Tickenham Stadium in London on Saturday.

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William, Kate and George honored each other at the Rugby Championship. George is currently training himself, but has never been able to deal with his mother…

England and Wales met in London on Saturday in a Six Nations tie, the unofficial European Championship. Prince William (39), his wife Duchess Kate (40) and son Prince George (8) were also at Tickenham Stadium in London in the traditional rugby tournament in which England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France and Italy participate. “It’s a big game,” said Prince William according to mail online,

Rugby is a family affair

A certain rivalry has arisen between Prince William and Duchess Kate, because: while Prince William has been a patron of Welsh rugby union since 2016, this was Duchess Kate’s first game since she recently became a patron of English rugby union. Asked about the family competition, Prince William said: “It’s a big deal for him. I’m trying to stay out of it.”

The British press naturally asked the young prince whether he had his fingers crossed for his father’s or his mother’s team. But he just shrugged his shoulders. The royals seem to have more fun playing rugby themselves. When he told the press that he was learning to deal in school, he turned to his mother and said, “I haven’t dealt with you yet.” “Of course you did!” Laughing with the press, the Duchess replied.


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