DuPont and four contract holders, who XV of France against Scotland? – 6 nations

Dupont et quatre titulaires forfaits, quel XV de France contre l’Ecosse ?

Disadvantaged because of the five-player Kovid present during the first two games of the tournament, the Blues staff will have to revise their opening XV to face Scotland at the Stade de France on Sunday.

They had started the first two matches of the Six Nations tournament against Italy and Ireland, but on the third day, on Sunday (4pm), after Scotland, France, they would miss the call against Marchand, Howas, Dupont, Vincent and Villier Kovid – Tested positive for 19. The biggest setback is clearly Antoine DuPont’s concern. Toulson Scam-Half, the decider in his previous outing, is considered one of the best – if not the best – in the world at his position. He will help with his common sense, Baptist SerineRC Toulon is number 9.

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Tolson Julian Marchand, No. 2 in the Hookers’ Hierarchy behind Rochella Pierre Borgit The Stade de France should start on Sunday against XV du Chardon. At the position of the right column, logic will determineUni Antonio After Mohammed Houas (24 minutes of play) being substituted against Ireland, acquires a starting place. Leonis Demba Bamba has been recalled for Markosis, but he only recently returned to the competition, being struck in the neck and then in the hamstring. Can management start it against Scotland?

Danti instead of baraati in the center?

On a wing of France’s XV, Gabin Villier succeeded in replacing the holder in view of a successful Autumn Cup of Nations. Tested positive as well, it will give way Teddy thomas (Racing 92), the holder against Italy and who benefits from the support of Fabian Galthey and his assistants, Damien Penaud retaining the other wing.

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The key question concerns the position of the second center after the return of Arthur Vincent, to his advantage in the first two games. Who to support Gaël Fickou? Leonis Pierre-Louis Barsi has been in the French group since his first internship in Nice in late January, but Jonathan Danty Remembered this Sunday.

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Recently the author of notable performances with Stade French Paris, he may be liked for Barcy, due to his current good form but also his complementarity with his club partner Fikou. Another reason: Fiku and Barasi have a similar profile while Danti is more into a puncture role.

On the substitute bench, we should find Baubigny, Atonio, Kolingar, R. Taofifenua, Jelonch (or Woki), Bézy, Bouthier and Barassi. Answer on Friday when the team was announced. If by then the French delegation is not killed by new cases …


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