Eggles Bless and Montreal Canadiens, Same Fight!

Eggles Bless and Montreal Canadiens, Same Fight!

It’s boring to be compared to Canadians, but at the same time, we kinda lived in the same situation, says Judds Wally, smiling.

The Aigles Bleus coach does a bit of humor and he’ll definitely get annoyed for it, but the picture is striking nonetheless.

Judds Wally has been leading the Eggles Bless in men’s hockey since June 2017.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Pierre Richard

Bleu et Or’s performance did not live up to expectations and every mistake snowballed. A bit like Canadians…

Then, there, we doubt ourselves. After that, we doubt the teammate, we doubt the team, it becomes a spinning wheel, explains Eggles’ Bless Mentor.

Players in action in front of the goalkeeper.

The Eggles Bless have struggled this season and the Rookies have seen a lot of action. Eggles Bless goalkeeper Emil Samson makes a save against X-Men’s William Bower (#16) at AUS Men’s Hockey in Moncton on Saturday. Eagles Bless’s Wilson Forrest (#21) assists his goalkeeper in the game.

Photo: Normand Lager / Moncton University

Moncton has only 4 wins in 14 matches, good for 7th and last place in the standings. The Eagles have scored 31 goals, the worst production in the Atlantic University Sport (AUS) Hockey League.

, I still believe that we have a better team than the record we currently have. ,

, a quote from Judas Valley

Injuries from six stalwarts like Vincent Deslauriers took a toll on the team. There are also 14 new players who need to adapt quickly to the mighty Atlantic College League.

We literally threw them in the mouth of the wolf. In the sense that they had really important roles. Then Play is not the same. It’s a men’s game against 22 to 26 year olds! So, surely a 21 year old man who succeeded in Major Junior has to learn how to handle Play different from the one in our league, says Judds Wally.

Micah Cyr scored the goal.  The goalkeeper watches the puck pass behind him.

Mika Cyr scored against Acadia Xmen goaltender Logan Flodel on November 13.

Photo: Normand Lager / Moncton University

Players who shine in Major Junior, like Micah Cyre, have done a lot to turn things around. The Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska forward has had his best moment with 4 goals in two matches.

I was warned by everyone that a good period of adaptation was coming, refers to the male athlete of the week at the Université de Moncton. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been there,

Micah Cyr admits to putting a lot of pressure on himself to be successful because he cares about the game and his team.

Despite 4 small victories in 14 games, the Eagles Bless have kept their spirits up, they are still in the race for a place in the playoffs. Only 6 points separate seventh and third place in the standings.

So Judds Valley has a higher chance of being successful than Canadians. And players intend to confuse skeptics.

The next games will be in Halifax on Friday, against Saint-Marie’s and on Saturday against Acadia in Moncton.

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