EM 2021: Stem cell donation instead of semi-finals – England celebrates a fan

EM 2021: Stem cell donation instead of semi-finals - England celebrates a fan

Bafoe welcomes kneeling on EM: “More than just a symbolic gesture”

Former Ghanaian professional footballer Anthony Bafo has welcomed acts such as Kneeling or Rainbow Band at the European Football Championship. “To me these are more than just very strong symbolic gestures. There should be even more socio-political signals emanating from the game, and complaints should be told even more,” said 56-year-old Bundesliga player“ Stuttgarter Zeitung ”and “It has nothing to do with showmanship or PR gag, but only with respect, with tolerance, because there is only one race – and that is man”, said the former Bundesliga player from “Stuttgarter Nachrichten”.

In her opinion, little has changed on the subject of racism over the past 20 to 30 years: “Diversity has increased in society, but I do not see any diversity in key professional positions, be it lawyers, trainers or filmmakers. And in everyday life, when the problems in finding jobs and apartments remain the same. Racism lurks in a subtle way, it is smothered in society,” Bafo said.

According to Bafo, football can serve even more as a vehicle for integration. “The German Football Association will have to sit at the table with those affected and hear what Hans Serpis, Otto Edos, Pablo Thiams, Gerald Asamoah, Shari Reeves and Boatengs have to say about their views”, he said. Bafu suggests “establishing a community of interests in Germany with such “figureheads”: “Football is a sport that everyone enjoys, and if there are famous personalities behind it, the doors open and you will be able to see a lot of people.” can reach.

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