England’s stunning defeat against Scotland!

England's stunning defeat against Scotland!

France’s XV started their Six Nations tournament on the road against Italy, a team they haven’t beaten since 2013.


Stupore at Twickenham, Scotland win against England!

11-6 for the Scots, which is a big entry blow in England! This is Scotland’s first success in London since 1983, calling it awe.


Olivon: “Back to Work”

“We did a good job, we revised all week, we were warned, Bravo outlines Charles Olivan on the Italians, France. We know him well, we saw his qualities, he started the match. I did it with great intensity. With them and for everyone. Now we have to get back to work. The confidence is yes but we are measured, we have big challenges. “


It is over in Rome! To enter the competition in the VI nations, the French team easily won 50 to 10 against Italy! Led by a very good Dupont, the Blues spent 7 in the Transalpins with a double from Teddy Thomas. Jalibert passed 15 points on foot. The people of Galthey will have a real challenge against Ireland in Dublin next week!


Antoine DuPont has been elected Man of the Match in Rome! Nothing to say, he shone and shone to his colleagues!


Posted in Thomas! 50 point bar is over! At a five-meter circle, Jellonch escapes and sees Thomas’ branch, which flattens out! Change failed! 50 to 10!


There is only 10 minutes left to play in this meeting! It would be nice if the replacement score tries!


Interesting touch to come for the Blues to raise the score! Unfortunately Le Roux took a step forward in the maul.


Try it or not from Italy! Found on the wing, Luca Sperandio taps a bit more and retrieves it for Italian testing! Kana shells, 45 to 10, honor is safe!


Another Italian mistake after a terrible pass from Kanna. Cross stations continue!


There is still 20 minutes left in this meeting and heading to the Blues


Thank you! It gathers any kind of self-supporting business! Massive action from Jalbert who breaks the two tackles, pierces and gives DuPont! The philanthropist scrum half gives Thomas who goes on trial! Jalibert adds two more points, 45 to 3!


DUPOOOOOOOONT for the 5TH test of the blues! At the throw-in, Thomas takes the center of the field and breaks! He lays inside to DuPont who will be quietly flattened! Jalibert passed the points, 38 to 3!


Willemse sur Ioane’s huge stamp, just to warm up a little! New penalty against Italians!


DUULIN FOR GOVERNMENT BODY! Found at the end of the line, Villier hit a small overhead and Dulin retrieved the ball thanks to a rebound! Back flattened with one hand! Jalibert takes a corner and continues his 100%, 31 to 3!

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A second throw to Bourgit and a maul is held at a distance of two meters from the in-goal. Hooker’s departure! Back, Thomas passes for Dulin at the foot but does not level it.


Penalty against the French team, already against the 7th Blues … Garbisi cleared his camp!


Another success from Garabsi that does not get enough support! Penalty against Italy for a recession!


It is closed again for the last 40 minutes of the meeting!


It is half time at Stadio Olimpico in Rome! XV de France quietly leads 24 to 3 against Italy to enter the tournament. The Blues found themselves in a bonus test thanks to the achievements of Cretin, Fikou and Vincent! Very serious and effective, the French should establish themselves on Italian soil.


French Counter Ball And Push Into Villier’s Foot! The Blues are back in the opposing camp!


Paolo Garbisi has to give way to Carlo Canna … hard blow to the squad!


IOOOOOAANE ​​for the first Italian test! Super well exploited Italian counter ball! Varney completely plays a 2v1 and gives Ioane an “assist” that goes in-goal! VIDEO ARBITRATION! Forward on the last pass! We remain at 24 to 3!


3RD French Test marked by Arthur Vinciant! Pushed the recovery ball in the foot! Trullo is recovered by a rebound and Villier. It gives DuPont who thinks to score but Vincent should give in who flutters! Jalibert inquired, 24 to 3!


What a hint from Iyane that goes a little bit on this! It is narrowly withdrawn by Dulin! Italy back in the opposing camp!


10TH Ficu Selection Test! On a lying ball, DuPont kicks the ball out and taps to follow the left leg! Fikou followed and quietly flattened out! Jalbert converted, 17 to 3!


Finds a touch in the anti-penalty camp for the Blues and Dulin!


First blue test on video!


The Transalpines are within 22 French meters ahead and while they were close to the goal!


Try to kick Thomas low to the ground, who comes back in the face! Possession of Italy!


Ouch AE has imposed a new penalty against the Blues for dishonesty on the ground! In front of the poles, ask Garabsi! 10 to 3!


Interesting sequence of Italians who go through the stages of the game. It is progressing well!


New penalty against France team for voluntary forward cretin. Garabsi gets a touch!


Penalty against the Blues at an interruption from Bernard Le Roux. Garbe, far from the poles, finds touch in the French camp.


At 40 meters, Matthew Jalibert goes through three more points! 10 to 0 for the blues!

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The penalty for France’s XV and we’ll take the points. We want to overcome immediately.


The possession of the blues and the plains of Italy is flat. Garcy cleaned his camp on foot!


France team tested by CRETIN !! Big success from Vincent after getting in touch with Thomas! The game boomed the Villier wing which was halted. We play upside down on the post and flatten the cretin! Jalibert inquired, 7 to 0!


Big dungar with Brigadier Incidence! Villière looks back at the Italian center and excellent blue scratches! a punishment! It will be necessary to be careful!


France’s penalty against XV after a high tackle on Trulla! Garcy cleans his camp!


Great Italian possession but the Transalpines return the ball to the leg! Thomas comes to challenge the Italian defense.


First Italian offensive with Ioane on the wing! Garbasi clears to the far end and Dulin climbs to a pin!


Away from France team and Louise Carbonal! Good tour of italy!


Let’s go for the anthem of the two teams starting with Marseilles! And we continue with Fratelli D’Italia … what a pity these empty stadiums are, we can never say it enough!


Six Nations Tournament: Key to Italy-France Match

Announced the candidate for the final victory, France’s XV goes to Italy with the ambition of achieving the first success which will serve as a launching pad in this Six Nations tournament. For the 2023 World Cup in France, which he intends to cover in two years with a new position, Fabian Galti’s selection still has to change dimensions.

>> and for that, there are steps to take!


Laporte clarifies what he expects from the Blues in the VI Nations tournament

At the Super Moseto guest show this Thursday on RMC, FFR President Bernard Laporte spoke of France’s XV’s ambitions. “We are entitled to expect this team to win the competition,” he said.

>> the boss of french rugby has high hopes from this french team!


“, We have rediscovered passions and supporters”, commented Jerem Thien

Much awaited since his performance during the Fall Cup in November, the Blues are back to compete with a new position for the start of the VI Nations tournament this Saturday.

>> Former international second line, Jérôme Thion calls for the RMC Sport “Galtier Effect” on this new French group full of ambitions.


Parenthesis top 14 who knows its programming changes!

>> New programming of matches on TV
>> The big poster goes from Sunday to Saturday to make way for Larger 1


“We can compare them to Messi”: how DuPont is seen by his predecessors in France’s XV

Almost alone, he has again become the face of the exciting French team. Since its debut, Antoine DuPont has been talked about, with all possible exaggerations.

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>> His qualities, his progress, his international status and the progress he can make, we interviewed four former scrum-backs of the Blues to get their opinion before Italy-France


France will kick!


Ibañez and Ollivon cautious about title opportunities

After their very good results achieved in 2020, it is France’s XV turn in this VI Nations tournament.

>> but raffel ibanez and charles olivan don’t want to cut corners.


Italy expects results with a rejuvenation squad

After a year 2020 without a slight victory on the field, the Italians approach this new version with the ambition to avoid a new wooden spoon. For this, Franco Smith relies on the enthusiasm of his youth.

The South African coach has selected a hinge in a manner that gave him satisfaction with Paolo Garbisi (20) at the inauguration and this fall with Stephen Varni (19). Former player on 7 for Argentina, Juan Ignacio Breaux will be added to the center for his first match with Squadra Azzura.


The blues will play in their traditional colors! Transalpines should play in white.


Favorite Thomas on Penaud

Tallonis Gabin Villier is the other winner of the fall matches and will start on the left wing. On the right, Teddy Thomas was favored for Damian Penaud on the bench. Arthur Vincent Virmi taking advantage of Wakatawa’s injury to take his place at center with the incomparable Gayle Fikou. Matthew Jalibert, initially associated with Antoine DuPont in the absence of Romain Ntamack, logically benefits.

At the front, Tulier is there, with the exception of François Croce, wounded. He will be replaced by Dylan Cretin and will form the third line with Captain Charles Olivon and Grey’s Eldritte, who will eventually fit in after the initial announcement.


And XV of France against Italy!

Dulin – Thomas, Vincent, Ficou, Villier – (O) Jalibert, (M) DuPont – Olivon, Alldritt, Cretin – Villemesse, Le Roux – Hauas, Marchand, Ballet


Bourgarit, Gros, Aldegheri, Taofifenua, Jelonch, Serin, Carbonel, Penaud


Blue team composed Rajuni!

15. Trulla – 14. Serpandio, 13. Zanon, 12. Brakes, 11. Iyane – 10. Garabsi (O), 9. Varney (M) – 7. Mayer, 8. Lamarro, 6. Negri – 5. Sissi, 4. Lajrauni – 3. Rikshioni, 2. Bigi (hat), 1. Trowra

Subscriptions: 16. Lucci, 17. Fischetti, 18. Zillocchi, 19. Cannon, 20. Ruza, 21. Mbanda, 22. Palazzini, 23. Canna


Hello everyone and welcome to RMC Sport to follow the opening of VI Nation! XV of France will face Italy at the Romeo’s Stadio Olympico. Kick-off at 3.15pm!


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