Euro 2021: TF1’s tool to cover the competition

Euro 2021: TF1's tool to cover the competition

The first channel will offer a system in continuation of previous major competitions to design the 12 matches which it will broadcast live.

like 2016 TF1 Happiness did not have a hand during the draw for the distribution of matches with his opponent M6. For the fifth time since its privatization in 1987, Channel One would not broadcast the Euro final on its antenna. However, it will offer early games and most blues games.

during the competition, TF1 Will broadcast 12 Euro matches live:

  • Six group matches: opening match Turkey/Italy, Spain/Sweden, England/Scotland, Hungary/France, Finland/Russia or Belgium/Denmark and remake of 2016 final France/Portugal
  • Three rounds of 16 (including the Blues if they qualify)
  • two quarter finals
  • first choice of semi-finals

Most of the matches will be commented on by the leading pair Grégoire Margotón – Bixente Lizzarazzu, with Frédéric Calange at the edge of the field during the French team’s matches.

For a second pair of commentators, the First Channel asked journalist Julian Brun (ex- canal+, be involved in sports and telefoot) and former player Sabrina Delnoy who was already a consultant for the group at the 2019 Women’s World Cup. The pair will comment on England/Scotland as well as one or two matches of the knockout stage depending on the schedule.

After the matches, Denis will be in charge of Brogniart. may de l’euro As broadcast on every major football and rugby competition TF1 since 2008. He will be surrounded by Nathalie Inneta, Yuri Jorkeff and Ludovic Giuli. The first channel announces a plateau under the sign of expertise and innovation with spectacular visuals that will bring a whole new experience to the viewers.

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Every Sunday at 11 a.m., Frederick Callange will present telefoot Live from the base camp of the French team. He would receive Didier Deschamps and several players during each event.

a short program euro journal will be broadcast every day at noon TF1 (1:45 pm on weekdays, 12:50 pm on weekends), TMC (13:25) and tfx (1 pm or 2 pm).

Information will also be gathered during the competition with special Euro pages in the newspapers of TF1 and LCI.

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Note that 12 matches of the competition will be broadcast TF1 Orange (Channel 991), Bouygues Télécom (Channel 37) and Free (Channel 101) will be broadcast in ultra high definition to compatible subscribers.

Forum MYTF1 Will feature 12 matches live and in replay, with the possibility to review goals and actions in real time during the live.

digital broadcast telefoot, daily The matches will also be in the colors of the Euro, with the return of matches presented by Thomas Mekhiche, the best of the press conference and unusual images surrounding the competition.

For those who want to go back to the history of the Euro, the forum MYTF1 Selects the best Euro matches broadcast on Channel 1 since 1984 with original commentary. You’ll also get a new podcast Club Margotton – The Day In which Grégoire Margotán watches the 9 days of matches that mark the history of the blues at the Euro (France/Belgium 1984, France/Portugal 1984, France/Spain 1984, Denmark/France 1992, France/Czech Republic 1996, France/French 1992). Italy 2000, Netherlands/France 2008, France/Romania 2016 and Germany/France 2016).

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