Euro: British derby between England and Scotland, in London on Friday

Euro: British derby between England and Scotland, in London on Friday

After a quarter-century, the English and Scottish foe brothers found themselves on a decisive day for the confident Croats in a major tournament at the Euros on Friday, but at the crest line against the check-off Schick.

Even at a reduced capacity, Wembley will call Friday the memory of Euro 96: over 20,000 spectators divided between “God Save the Queen” and “Flower of Scotland”.

In the same temple of English football, the “Three Lions” showered the Scots (2–0) in the group stage with a goal – and a celebration – of the memorabilia Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne.

Since its championship was dismantled, Scotland has only qualified for the 1998 World Cup. But a significant contingent of international players are now playing in the prestigious neighboring Premier League.

Like Avengers Middle Aston Villa John McGinn. “The English media would like to believe that there is a huge difference (between the two teams),” the player, who was born in Glasgow on Wednesday, told a news conference. “It’s up to us on Friday to prove it wrong.”

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford also smashed the derby in the London air.

“It seems that in the matches I played for my club against City and Liverpool, the Red Devil was described on Wednesday. This kind of game gives a different feeling. “

Croatian Trust

Despite the difference in position, there would be no complex in Scotland. Used to weekly games with the English International club, McGinn believes his team is capable of competing.

Despite his family’s poor start against the Czechs (2-0 loss), McGinn said, “We measure ourselves against most of these guys every week, and I think we tolerate the comparison.”

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“Winning Monday would have been the easy way,” he joked. This never happens with Scotland. “A reference to the two penalty shootouts that Steve Clarke’s men had to cross against Israel and then Serbia to get their place in the Euros.

Lost on entry by England (1-0) after a very sneaky performance, the Croats, still puffed up by their position as vice-world champions, were in the same Group D with nothing but a win against the Czechs in Glasgow on Friday. Don’t even imagine. .

“If we are in our match, we will not lose without disrespecting the check”, posted, very confidently, side Sime Versaljko on Wednesday.

The day before, defender Dejan Lovren had the same confidence: “If we are right and we play as well as we can, we won’t have any problems. “

Slovak Calculus

Too bad if the Czech Patrick Schick seems to confirm – this has been true of late – all the talent his debut at Sampdoria showed with a long-range goal of any beauty after his double against Scotland.

And too bad if “Narodni Tyum” drew against the same Croats (2-2) during Euro 2016.

To start the day, when the curtains are up, Sweden and Slovakia face each other in a match that promises to be more defensive.

First because Blaglt (blue and yellow) scored a point thanks to minimal animation against Spain (0-0) on Monday.

Then because the opening success against Poland would be followed by a draw (2–1) against Sweden Slovakia.

Four points was enough for Marek Humsik’s team to reach the knockout stage five years ago.

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program :

Group D

first day:

June 13 in London: England – Croatia 1-0

14 June in Glasgow: Scotland – Czech Republic 0-2

second day:

Friday in Glasgow: Croatia – Czech Republic

Friday in London: England – Scotland


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