Euro, Olympic Games … Major sports competitions in 2021 (if coronovirus is not included)

Euro, Olympic Games ... Major sports competitions in 2021 (if coronovirus is not included)

Like every odd year, 2021 should have been less busy than 2020. The coronavirus crisis and the postponement of many competitions have made it crazy! Kovid-19 still leaves doubts about the grip of major events but on paper, the schedule promises to be very busy, of course, rescheduling the Tokyo Olympic Games from 23 July to 8 August in Tokyo.

Euro, Olympics …

Earlier, Euro Football would be delayed by a year from 11 June to 11 July in twelve cities in Europe. Finalists in 2016 and world champions, France will be the team favorites even if they have to come out of the death group with Germany (who will play at home), Portugal and Hungary (also at home). The year promises to be a busy one for the Blues in the midst of qualifying for the 2022 World Cup, but also a reunion against Belgium in the semi-finals with the League of Nations in October.

France’s XV in search of first tournament since 2010

This is another team from France that will launch hostilities this year: the handball team will take part in the World Championships from 13 to 31 January. Finished in the first round of the last Euro, Guillaume Guille’s men appointed coach will be denied Nicola Carabatic, who had a knee operation two months earlier, after being removed from the post of Didier Dinnerut.

In February, France’s XV VI will prepare to win the nations tournament it has not won for 11 years. Fabian Galthi’s men will be supported by his superb pace in 2020 and will be helped by a very profitable agreement for the provision of players.

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Ryder Cup and America Cup return

“White Sports” will be in the headlines this winter. The World Cup’s Alpine Skiing World Championships – where Alexis Pinturault at the Super Combined, Biathlon – without Martin Fourcade but with Quentin Fillon-Maillet, Emilene Jacqueline, will defend their title with the title in search of last year. , Or Julia Simon in Women – and Nordic Skiing.

The Ryder Cup of Golf will also return for three years after Europe’s victory in France in 2021. The event will take place in Wisconsin on September 24–26. In sailing, the 36th edition of the illustrious and prestigious America’s Cup will pit champions Emirates Team New Zealand against the Challengers of the Luna Rosa Challenge from 6 to 31 March.

Nadal and Hamilton on the roof of their game?

Canceled in 2020, the second edition of the new edition of the Davis Cup is to be finalized on 26 November. 2021 could also allow Rafael Nadal to separate King Federer, with whom he currently co-holds the record for Grand Slam titles (20). Novak Djokovic (17) lay in ambush. In Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton will try to be the first man to win eight World Championship titles. Finally, in cycling, Julian Alfalippe, again wearing a yellow jersey on the Tour de France in 2020, will show off his world champion jersey over the course of a year when closely followed by prodigy Tadze Pogacar after a stunning win over Grande Will be investigated Loop last July.

Main Event in 2021


3-15: Dakar Rally (Saudi Arabia)
13-31: Men’s Handball World Championship (Egypt)

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6: Italy-France (VI nations tournament, rugby)
7: Superbowl LV (ft US)
10-21: Bathlon World Championship (Pokaljuka, Solveni)
8-21: Open Diestrali (Tennis)
8-21: Alpine Skiing World Championship (Cortina d’Ampezzo)
14: Ireland-France (VI nations tournament, rugby)
23 February – 7 March: Nordic Skiing World Championship (Oberstdorf, Germany)
28: France-Scotland (VI nations tournament, rugby)


6-21: America’s Cup (rowing)
5-7: European Indoor Athletics Championship (Poland)
7-14: Paris-Nice (Cycling)
10-16: Tirreno-Adriatico (cyclone)
13: England-France (VI nations tournament, rugby)
20: Milan-San Remo (cycling)
20: France-Wales (VI nations tournament, rugby)
21: Australian Grand Prix (F1)
24: France-Ukraine (World Qualifiers 2022)
28: Gandhi-Wavelegam (Cycling)
21: Bahrain Grand Prix (F1)
24-31: European Under-21 Football Championship (Group Stage, Hungary, Slovenia)
28: Kazakhstan-France (2022 World Qualifier)
31: Bosnia-Herzegovina-France (World Qualification 2022)


4: Flanders tour (cycling)
8-11: Masters Degusta (Golf)
11: Paris-Roubaix (Cycling)
11: Chinese Grand Prix (F1)
21: La Flesh Valen (Cycling)
24: Coupe de France Final (Football)
25: Liège-Bastogne-Lege (Cycling)
25: Grand Prix to be decided (F1)


8-30 May: Italy Tour (Cycling)
May 9: Spanish Grand Prix (F1)
10-23: European Swimming Championships (Budapest)
20-23: USPGA (Golf)
May 22-July 22: NBA Playoffs and Finals (basketball)
23 May – 6 June: Roland-Garros (tennis)
23: Monaco Grand Prix (F1)
26: Europa League Final (Gdaस्कsk)
29: Champions League Final (Istanbul)
30 May – 6 June: Criterium du Dauphin (Cycling)
31: Euro esports de football, quarter finals


3-6: Semifinals, then Euro Aspire Finals (Football)
6: Ajibegan Grand Prix (F1)
11 June-11 July: European Championship (Football)
11 June – 11 July: Copa America (Football)
13: Canadian Grand Prix (F1)
17-27: European Women’s Basketball Championship
17-20 June: US Open (Golf)
25: Finale Top 14 (Rugby)
26 June – 18 July: Tour de France
27: French Grand Prix (F1)
28 June-11 July: Wimbledon (tennis)

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4: Austrian Grand Prix (F1)
18: British Grand Prix (F1)
23 July – 8 August: Olympic Games (Tokyo)


First: Hungarian Grand Prix (F1)
24 August – 5 September: Paralympic Games (Tokyo)
28: Paris-Saint-Denis (athletics) meeting
29: Belgium Grand Prix (F1)
30 August – 20 September: US Open (tennis)


First: France-Bosnia-Herzegovina (2022 World Qualifying)
4: Ukraine-France (World Qualifier 2022)
5: Dutch Grand Prix (F1)
7: France-Finland (World Qualifier 2022)
8-12: European Cycling Championships (Italy)
12: Italian Grand Prix (F1)
12–19: World Judo Championship (Vienna, Austria)
18-26: Cycling World Championship (Flanders)
24-26: Ryder Cup (Golf)
26: Russian Grand Prix (F1)


3: Singapore Grand Prix (F1)
7: Belgium-France (semi-final of Football League of Nations)
9: Lombardi attack (cycling)
10: Final and minor final of Football Nations League
10: Paris-Tour (Cycling)
10: Japanese Grand Prix (F1)
13-17: World Track Cycling Championship (Turkmenistan)
24: United States Grand Prix (F1)
31: Mexican Grand Prix (F1)


14: Brazil Grand Prix (F1)
26: Davis Cup Final (Tennis)
28: Saudi Arabia Grand Prix (F1)


2-19: Women’s Handball World Championship (Spain)
5: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (F1)


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