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Europa League: Celtic Glasgow, Coach Ange Postekoglu and

Of course, were from crush pep guardiola can be observed with some caution. This is what happens when one has made enthusiasm their daily work. Again, one day in July three years ago, Guardiola raged. he just had Manchester City Yokohama won a friendly against Marino. Now he was impressed.

Guardiola said Yokohama “Incredible Football” played. In fact, there are still figures for this really insignificant game between the two clubs, which were still supported at the time. City Football Group (CFG) were connected to each other. Yokohama had a possession of just under 60 percent and attacked the football with lots of short passes. This was the work of trainer Ange Postecoglu.

Australian journalist Scott McIntyre BBC It was once said that Guardiola and Postecoglu met again after the final whistle. And Guardiola said how Postecoglu had let play “The kind of football I dream of.”

These anecdotes probably would have been forgotten long ago if Celtic Glasgow had not introduced Postecoglu as their new coach in the summer. Scotland had a season behind record champions without a title, something they hadn’t seen in Celtic for a long time. And now it must be 56-year-old Postekoglu, of all people – an Australian with no experience as a coach in British football?

Inflammation” – a football ideologue named after Postecoglu

In any case, the Scottish media these days ran in to Guardiola’s excitement in June, never forgetting to mention that this Postecoglu had already won several titles. Not only did he impress Guardiola with Yokohama, but he also became the Japanese champion. During his tenure as the national coach, Australia won the Asian Cup. But he had his most successful time as a coach. Brisbane Roar.

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Brisbane and Postecoglu were two-time champions together, once they were unbeaten in 36 consecutive games. The way Brisbane played was not only successful, but it was good to watch. Here too, football was aggressive and short, sharp passes were welcome, and pressing played a part as well. He called it a “blowout” – a football ideologue named after the coach.

Sports show specialist Broich was part of “Roarselona”.

The playwright in Brisbane was 40-year-old Thomas Broich, today he is a sports show specialist. Postecoglou got away with it at that time “Be inspired by the ideas of Pep Guardiola and the game of FC Barcelona”Broich says. frequently discussed in australia “Roarselona”.

For the time being, it seems that fans and the media in Scotland are still unable to decide what to think of Coach Postecoglu and his idea of ​​football. The season has had a mixed start to say the least. Celtic missed the Champions League and FC was in the second round of qualification mitiland Very good. And in the league, the club is only sixth after seven matches, behind its rivals and leaders. ranger people is six points.

Last weekend, Celtic only played out a draw against Dundee United. When Postekoglu was asked for an analysis, he seemed somewhat opposite. Of course he was disappointed, Postecoglu said. their team has changed “Multiple Games Possibility” Played, but scored only one goal.

It was the first time Celtic had dropped points at home this season. Before that, it was the away games in which Celtic messed up. There the club is still meaningless.

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