European Cup: PSG as keeper of French football’s UEFA index

European Cup: PSG as keeper of French football's UEFA index

“Thank you and well done”. Like the tweet of the president of the Olympics Leonis Jean-Michel Ales, French football can thank PSG for their qualification for the semi-finals of the Champions League. Thanks to its results in this season of C1 (6 wins, one draw and three defeats), the Capitals club opened the doors to the final four, but it does not let France be ridiculous with its UEFA coefficient which places the number of places. Determines European Cup every year. With an average in the current season of 7.916 points, the French football signal is, in fact, its worst performance for many years. Alone, managed to collect more points than PSG … the other five French clubs combined.

For his first move in C1, Raines collected only one draw and 5 defeats, while Om did slightly better with 1 success and 5 defeats. In the Europa League, Stade de Reims had left the competition in the third qualifying round against Feuerwar’s minor Hungarian and Nees had failed to make it through the group stage (one win and 5 defeats). Lille had a fantastic group stage but lost 2–1 against Jonathan Bamba’s partner Ajax Amsterdam in the round of 16. France have achieved their worst records for 10 years (tied with 2011–2012, 2013–2014 and 2019–2020), with two qualifying for the final stages of C1 and C3.

Prior to the semi-finals, France ranked 8th in the UEFA coefficient behind Scotland and the Netherlands. On the other hand, the campaign would also not hold up with Portugal, even though PSG won their two meetings in front of Manchester City and the final. This would bring the total to 9,083 points against 9,600 points for the Portuguese, As reported by Culture PSG. This fight against Portugal is very important for the 5th place in the general classification of nations (last 5 seasons) which gives three qualifying places for the Champions League and three for the Europa League. But, France will see a significant lead to the start of next season (the 2016–2017 season’s points, especially in the semi-finals of Monaco), which is already becoming a season of all-danger. For tricolor clubs.

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Ranking by country over the last 5 seasons

1. England score 98.283 (4 of their 7 representatives qualified for the semi-finals)

2. Spain 96.997 points (2/7)

3. Italy 75.153 points (1/7)

4. Germany 73.570 points

5. France 56,081 points (1/6)

6. Portugal 48,549 points

Classification by club in last 5 seasons

1. Bayern Munich 134,000 points

2. Real Madrid 126,000 points

3. FC Barcelona 122,000 points

4. Manchester City 120,000 points

5. Juventus 120,000 marks

6. Atlético Madrid 115,000 points

7. Paris SG 113,000 mark

8. Manchester United 109,000 pts

9. Liverpool 101,000 points

10. Sevilla FC 98,000 points


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