European League, UEFA Cup – Les Cahiers du Football |

European League, UEFA Cup - Les Cahiers du Football |
The rules really need to be checked, but it doesn’t depend so much on the points distributed (increase in total actually) as on the number of teams per country that can take them.

This year we have 6 delegates, with PSG-LOSC in C1, OL-OM-ASM in C3 and SRFC in C4.
Unless I’m mistaken, it’s the same number of reps as before, so it’s impossible to score more. And even, C4 yields less than C3, it is easier to take points because there is no initial gap before C3 groups, and there is an overall weaker competition, but decreases the maximum attainable in my opinion ( It will be necessary to check this).
This could benefit ‘small’ countries on the other hand, which would scatter points in the conference (and it is an idea, it seems to me, isn’t it? fighting cards in the ranking of “weak” countries)

On the other hand, in terms of probabilities, through paid play it is now possible to have 3 European Cup finals with 6 clubs from the same country (ex: PSG-LOSC in C1, OL-ASM in C3 and OM – SRFC in C4). , which would potentially score as many or even more points than the Fratricidal Duels in the C3 (??) quarter-finals.

Also a small thing to note, the UEFA site indicates 6/7 for the French representatives, although I am almost certain we only had 6 reps this season, is this a planned change for the future? Oysters? e.t.c …


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