European League, UEFA Cup – Les Cahiers du Football |

European League, UEFA Cup - Les Cahiers du Football |
Halfway through the group phase, the first assessment should be done.
Contains 6 French clubs.
PSG: 2v1n
Official Language: 3rd
ohm: 3n
ASM : 2V1N
Total 9V8N1D.

This is quite a positive as compared to the last season. With Paris, Lyon, Monaco and Rennes on their way to qualifying, it is playable for Marseille, and Lille is surprisingly only 1pt from second, and could easily aim for a transfer to C3 to attempt a possible course Is.

In terms of UEFA coefficients, France is in third place from the current season (6.416), ahead only of England (6.714) and the Netherlands (8,000!!).
Considering the more classic starts of the Portuguese clubs (5.750, 6th), we widened the gap a bit (48.081 vs 46.216).
The Russians’ disastrous start to the season (2,500), already weak in the previous two, temporarily left them behind Austria and Scotland in 10th (31,682) and followed by Ukraine. Knowing that 2017/2018 was exceptional for them (12,600, the fourth of that season), they risk disappearing into the depths of European football at the end of next season.

At the level of individual clubs, C3’s weakest advantage is clearly visible as a clear round of OL allows them to level LOSC (6) points despite a poor start. PSG (9) is preceded only by the Bayern-Liverpool-Juve-Ajax quartet (10).

We meet at the end of the group phase to take stock. Kisses

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