European Track Cycling Championships: Friedrich and Kluge/Reinhardt win gold in Munich

European Track Cycling Championships: Friedrich and Kluge/Reinhardt win gold in Munich

Status: 08/16/2022 8:16 PM

Le Sophie Friedrich as well as Roger Kluge and Theo Reinhardt won seven and eight titles for German track cyclists on the final day of the European Championships. After success with Emma Heinz and Pauline Grabosch in the team sprint, 22-year-old Friedrich of track team Brandenburg won the Combat Sprint Keirin in Munich on Tuesday and took her second gold.

Cottbus Track cyclist Emma Heinz wins third gold medal


With a stellar final round, the world champion overtook Polish Urszula Los and Olena Starikova from Ukraine in the following places. “I am glad that I was able to defend my title,” said the double European champion. Three-time European champion Emma Hinz decided not to start.

Kluge and Reinhardt win at Madison

In a previous European Championship decision, Berlin’s Kluge and Reinhardt celebrated a better success at Madison. In a two-man team drive of more than 50 kilometers known from the six-day race, the duo won over France (91) and Belgium (58) with 101 points.

Friedrich’s Cottbus training colleague Maximilian Dornbach also succeeded Tuesday: he won his second medal at the European Track Cycling Championships in Munich. A day after bronze in the time trial, the 26-year-old took silver in Keirin. France’s Sebastian Vigier took the gold, with his compatriot Melvin Landerno completing the podium with a bronze medal.

Hinj won gold thrice

Cottbus’ Emma Heinz continued her winning streak at the European Track Cycling Championships on Monday. The five-time world champion won a thrilling final in the highest discipline sprint and celebrated her third victory in the title fight in Munich, following successes in the team sprint and 500 m time trial.

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The Association of German Cyclists (BDR) was the most successful association in track competitions, with eight gold, four silver and one bronze medals. “We were able to present ourselves very well to the local audience and are satisfied. This is a good result,” said Patrick Moster, BDR’s sporting director. However, he also restricted that the strongest competition in all disciplines was not in the beginning.

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