FA Cup – Chelsea-Leicester: Tuchel and Rodgers for first English coronation

FA Cup - Chelsea-Leicester: Tuchel and Rodgers for first English coronation

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London (AFP)

They have changed the fortunes of their clubs: Chelsea and Leicester coaches Thomas Tuchel and Brendan Rodgers are aiming for the first English trophy in the England Cup final (4:15 pm GMT) on Saturday.

In the league, Neck to Neck, Leicester (third) and Chelsea (fourth with double digits), will present themselves in very different positions on Wembley’s lawn, which will seat 21,000 spectators.

Chelsea is a regular as she will play her fourth final in the last five years. He lost two to Arsenal in 2017 and 2020, but defeated Manchester United in 2018.

Played and won the finals (13), the fourth English club in Chelsea’s case, though the undisputed specialist, away from Arsenal, with 14 wins in 20 finals.

In 2016 surprise champions Leicester still await their first success in this FA Cup, where they reach the final stage four times each time they fall.

Fox currently sit third and almost qualified for the Champions League next season. They accept with isolation, and without complex, their image of an outsider.

– No more “great losers” for Rodgers? –

Rodgers said, “We have won the right to play the finals and we will come up with a chance to write our own story. We feel we have a chance and if we play at our level, we will have a good chance. “

For the Northern Irish coach, the victory in the FA Cup would be a revenge for his reputation as a resounding loser, particularly the title he let slip with Liverpool in 2014, when the Reds were three days ahead. Finish.

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He had rebuilt a small reputation in Scotland (2018, 2019) by triple Celtic Glasgow twice in a row, before putting Leicester back on the English football map.

Claude arrived in February 2019 to replace Puell, when the club was 12th in the Premier League, a remake of Fox’s nominees for the podium, last season, before cracks in the last pitches (5th).

Five years after Claudio Ranieri’s title of Leicester, the cumulative qualification in C1 and the first FA Cup would make Rodgers the “all that matters” coach. He is also approached by Tottenham for next season.

– Chelsea should not be weak –

For Tuchel, a win in the final would have political as well as sporting qualifications.

Fourth in the championship and not yet sure about his place in the next C1, the German must ensure that his team is not weakened in the home stretch, which leads to the Champions League final against Manchester City in Porto on 29 May She goes.

A defeat against Arsenal (1-0) on Wednesday in the league leaves the Blues within reach of West Ham, but a win in the FA Cup will be a strong symbol, barely five months after Tuchel’s arrival at a club that swears Is from its titles.

Despite the superb recovery within the club after replacing Frank Lampard, the German knows that such a match will determine his legitimacy to claim reinforcements this summer, while he is expected to win both Manchester and Liverpool the following season. Wants to challenge

Winning the German Cup with Dortmund (2017) was no achievement and, on top of Paris SG, any result other than the coup-lig 1 double bordering on disgrace, for example in 2019 (losing in the final against Rennes).

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Winning the most popular competition in English football would provide additional relief to its record. Waiting for the best?


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