FC Augsburg: a touch of chaos – Reuters relies on “Enno” in Augsburg

FC Augsburg: a touch of chaos - Reuters relies on

Status: 07/25/2022 11:21 AM

Stefan Reuter with FC Augsburg has “the toughest final segment of the season” behind him. Managing directors are now expecting developments like Vengieral and Baum.

Stefan Reuter has new spare parts. The managing director of FC Augsburg first got a new hip and then had an operation on his right knee. His long professional career has taken its toll.

“I didn’t even notice that I did it,” laughed Reuters, when asked how he was after the operation on his left hip. “I even had my right knee repaired five weeks ago. Now I’m relieved of the pain I’ve taken for years.”

Doctors had already advised Reuters to perform the procedure in 2004. “But I was able to delay it relatively long through the game,” said former long-distance runner at 1. FC Nuremberg, FC Bayern Munich’s right flank for Juventus Turin and Borussia Dortmund. “At some point, though, my quality of life took a toll. Now I’m very satisfied again.”

Reuters has no sense for Venzierli

Reuters is in the mood for a new season. It will be twelfth in the Bundesliga for FC Augsburg. The end of last season was downright bleak for this otherwise quiet club. First the powerful and outspoken President Klaus Hoffmann resigned for health reasons, then there was speculation that allegedly hacked messages were the reason for his resignation. Finally, coach Marcus Weinzierl also retired from FCA – shortly after the final day of the game in front of TV cameras.

“It was incomprehensible to me. Mainly because we had agreed not to do a joint analysis until after the season for weeks and months,” Reuters said of the former successful coach’s blistering departure.

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Weinzierl shrugged off his manager, with the former national player not aware of the decision. Weinzierl was furious that his expiring contract had still not been extended. Reuters reported that negotiations were agreed upon after the final.

New coach wants to play clear again

FC Augsburg as an anarchy club? “No, not internally. From the outside, the perception must have been something like this, but it was always clear to us that we wanted FC Augsburg to grow continuously. We are ambitious, but always with a sense of proportion,” added Happened. Reuters.

There is also a claim for new coach Enrico Massen. The 38-year-old comes from Borussia Dortmund’s second team and should give Augsburgers a clear line of play again: daring and aggressive – even in possession of the ball. “It’s all about developing the players,” Masen said of his approach.

“Enno”, as he is commonly known, should borrow from the past to lead the club into the future. “The most successful times we had were with coaches who were young and hot. It was the same with Marcus Weinzierl in the first leg and then Manuel Baum,” explained Reuter. “We are very optimistic that this will apply to Enrico Massen as well.”

Reuters itself decides the future

Reuter, the strongman at FC Augsburg with financial boss Michael Stroll, sees his own future unaffected by the performance with the new coach. He has been working in Augsburg since December 2012 and will turn ten shortly before Christmas. His contract has been extended for a long time.

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“No, a coach has no right in this, it would be the wrong order. Of course, success is a factor that is important and important for everyone. But if we look at the last ten years, FC Augsburg has written a sensational story of success.” , Reuters replied, whether his future also depends on Masen’s work.

There will be a first, minor touchstone on Sunday when Augsburg play their first competitive game in the DFB Cup against Lower Saxony Regional League team TuS Blau-Weiss Lohne.


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