FC Bayern Munich: Heart surgery in Komen – “Dr. Nagelsmann” explains everything

FC Bayern Munich: Heart surgery in Komen -

Status: 17.09.2021 2:43 PM

According to Julian Nagelsmann, it sounds “more dramatic than this”: Kingsley Koman is unavailable for FC Bayern for the time being after heart surgery. He is initially missing against VfL Bochum, which is notably seen by Ruhrpot’s boy Leon Goretzka.

The Bayern coach smiled as he said goodbye as “Dr Nagelsmann” after the press conference detailing Kingsley Koman’s heart surgery.

“Dr Shivago” mocks Julian Nagelsmann, clarifying what he had previously explained: You don’t have to worry about the French national football player.

“The king is doing great too”

“The risk of interference is relatively manageable, even though it seems obvious. For a heart surgeon, it is an easy thing to do,” said the day before FC Bayern Munich’s Bundesliga home game against VfL Bochum on Saturday (3:30 pm). o’clock) said Nagelsmann. , “King is doing great too. It sounds a lot more dramatic than that.” Koman, who repeatedly complained of shortness of breath for a few minutes, is scheduled to resume cardio training on Tuesday and return to team training in one-and-a-half to two weeks.

“He had a little extra heartbeat, a small cardiac arrhythmia,” Nagelsmann said. Nothing like this is unusual. “But of course it makes a difference whether it’s the biggest effort of going to the fridge and having a cold light beer or whether I’m a competitive athlete.” The heart defect was not apparent during examinations, and the cause of Coman’s problems was found on a prolonged ECG. These were treated by an abandonment.

In addition to Koman, Corentin Tolisso (calf problem) is also missing against the promoted team, and Nagelsmann wants to relieve some of the stars. “We’re not going to rotate too much, not five or six players,” Nagelsmann said. “We want to pick up the pace and be successful in the league.”

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Goretzka meets his youth club

Leon Goretzka, who was born in Bochum, will certainly be there after clearing the future against the old “love”. “He wants to do well against his youth club and take the contract extension momentum to his stadium,” I insisted earlier the day after the national player’s contract extension was announced until 2026.

There could hardly be a better time for a contract customer than shortly before the Bochum game. “It’s my home town, my home club, where I grew up half my life. It was an absolute oasis of wellness for me,” the 26-year-old said. “I lived a few minutes away from the stadium and so I had less distance to train there or be in the stadium as a fan.”

Starting out as a kindergarten kid at WSV Bochum, Goretzka played for the VfL from 2001 to 2013, starting the season as a promoted team with three mixed points. The Bochum native said, “I am really looking forward to the game and they will play in the Bundesliga again. They have been called non-representatives for a long time and I hope they stick to the name again soon.” , “I make no secret of my love for the club.”


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