Fernande Mendy, from the factory to the selection of Guinea-Bissau

Fernande Mendy, from the factory to the selection of Guinea-Bissau
Fernande Mendy was a part of RC Flechis (here in Nantes in National 3). (photography
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In two years, Fernande Mendy went from an employee at a heavy factory to a pro contract in Scotland and the Guinea-Bissau team.

This week, Fernande Mendy can celebrate his first selection with the Guinea-Bissau national team during the qualifier for the African Cup of Nations (CAN). Which seemed completely utopian just two years ago. The 27-year-old central guard was playing at RC Flechis (National 3) and worked at the Scania plant in Angers. “I took the engine with a crane to put on trucks and assemble them” He explains.

Trained in Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantic), “Where I Started Football As A Youth”, Fernande Mendy was spotted by Angers SCO during a national U17 match. “He invited me to take a test, He listens. There were a hundred players from the field and I finished among the three selected. I was called two weeks later and dozens of players were left free by other training centers. I was still among the three selected and I joined the National U19 team. “

Two seasons in National U19 followed by a season in CFA 2 – “I had good stats because I scored two goals in six matches” He says with a laugh – this solid defender has not been retained by the Angwin club. “At that time, I earned 380 Euros and I didn’t play a lot so it was a bit complicated, He assured. Patrice Sauvaget (Constable’s coach, editor’s note) Told me that La Flesh was looking for a player with my profile. “

Ludovic Ajorke Crampons…

Nevertheless she is fond of memories of her time at SCO. ” I formed friendly relations with many players including Ludovic Azorke (11 goals this season with Strasbourg, editor’s note). We thought that whoever changed the first would send crampons and jerseys to the other (laughs). So, I have all his jerseys and he sends me crampons regularly. I do not need to buy any! “

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In the summer of 2014, he took over the management of La Flesh, A city famous for its zoo, Which then evolves into the Honor Division. “I came in July but I broke my shin in August so I didn’t play the first seasonFernande Mendy admits. The second season, we finished the champion with a record season in terms of points. “ He would then play three years in National 2 with RC Flechis (71 games).

“For two years, I participated in the draft, a selection that took place in Nantes, Indicates the central guard. Then Thomas Burappier (A former player who passed through England, editor’s note) Called me when I was having a party with friends. I did not know him and he proposed to try me in a professional club. I doubted and then I finally agreed. On my way to Scotland for a few days, I had to lie to La Fleche and Scania, my employer. “

Fernande Mendy takes pride in posing with Rit Rovers’ jersey. (Photo DR)

“This is a crazy thing! “

For a trial with Raith Rovers, Scottish D2 Club, by Disha Kirkaldi, North C. And it will prove successful with a two-year professional contract. “At first it was a bit complicated and I asked for a loan. I ended up at Kelty in D5, coached by Barry Ferguson. I had no idea who it was but then I realized that he was a Scottish football legend (laughs). I also called my friend, who is an elder brother to me, Sheikh Nadoi (Editor’s note to Angers and former Birmingham City players at Red Star today) And he advised me to do everything to play. “

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Returning to Ryth Rovers this season, Fernande Mendy made his place with a club that finished third in D2. “It’s a different football, less tactical than home and with a lot of box to box, He explains. Players did not let go even if they went down by three or four goals. They are really starving on the ground! “

And his performance called him to the Guinea-Bissau national team today. “It’s a crazy story because I went from a production agent in Scotland to professional footballer Scania,” He forgives. And it is a matter of great pride for me that I had the opportunity to wear my father’s and my grandparents’ country jerseys. “ He will likely have the opportunity for two matches planned against Iswatini and Congo … and a qualification for Cain in the event of a double win!


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