FIFA Vice President Greg Clarke Resigns to Make Discriminatory Statements – Football

FIFA Vice President Greg Clarke Resigns to Make Discriminatory Statements - Football

In commentaries in England, Clarke’s sentences were referred to as “prehistoric”. He talked “Colorful football player” And thus white footballers were declared one “Non-colored” standard. Girls are afraid of the ball, people of South Asia “Other Career Interests” Compared to Caribbean people and lesbians “Life decided”. He prepared all these sentences in a survey of the British Parliament on Tuesday (November 10, 2020) filled with discrimination, blanket decisions and clich├ęs.

Shortly afterwards, Clarke regretted the choice of words, but now became inevitable: the 63-year-old stepped down as chairman football Association (FA) Back, Peter McCormick temporarily takes over. But Clarke is not only important in England.

UEFA loses one vote in FIFA Council in a short time

At the request of the sports show on Thursday, UEFA confirmed that Clarke would no longer be a UEFA representative on the FIFA Council “with immediate effect”. “This was decided jointly by UEFA President Alexander Seffarin and Clarke in a telephone conversation”, it was said. Clarke himself suggested resigning. Clarke lost his position as vice-president of the World Union at the same time.

Meanwhile, Clarke told the British broadcaster “Sky” that he wanted to at least continue in his position at FIFA until UEFA could elect his congressional successor in Switzerland on March 2, 2021. In this way, UEFA should not lose one of its nine votes in the FIFA Council. This body is the most powerful in world football. It makes decisions that can be very important, especially when it comes to controversial issues like the new club World Cup. A power struggle has been going on between FIFA and UEFA for years. There is now a flaw in the FIFA Council for UEFA.

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The successor is only an interim solution

The UEFA Executive Committee should now appoint a representative who will take Clarke’s seat to the council on an interim basis until the UEFA Congress. The post of vice president of FIFA will certainly remain vacant till then. However, the next meeting of the executive committee is not scheduled for early December. In theory, UEFA appoints three FIFA vice-presidents, one of whom, by statutes, has to come from the four “home countries” of football, ie England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. Clarke held this position.

The FIFA Council has 37 people. In addition to the three vice presidents, six others represent UEFA, including at least one woman. On March 2, 2021 at the UEFA Congress, in addition to Clarke’s seat, five more seats in the council are to be filled according to schedule, but officials may also stand for re-election. DFB is also on ballet paper.

FIFA Council: DFB hopes to return

“Peter Peters is running for one of the five European seats to be elected to the Council of the World Union of FIFA”, Announced DFB on 23 October. DFB is also sending one of its vice-presidents to the race. The German Association has long been without a voice on the FIFA Council. Following the resignation of Reinhard Grindel, Frenchman Noel Le Great took the position in 2019 – and never gave it again.

“I know that electoral success is by no means certain – even against the backdrop that the DFB has lacked personnel continuity internationally in recent years”, Peters according to the announcement of DFB. He was referring to the undetermined withdrawal of DFB by Grindell and Wolfgang Niersbach. It is said to have been less well received by UEFA and FIFA.

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FIFA: “They made the right decision”

FIFA reacted to Greg Clarke’s words. “We have received news of Clarke’s resignation and we accept it. We think he made the right decision under the circumstances”, Announced the World Union at the request of the sports show. “We thank him for his work and wish him all the best for the future.” On Sky, Clarke, who began his official career in Leicester City, said he enjoyed his time in football. “I’ll go back to the free economy.”

In England, Clarke is criticized for never fighting institutional racism in the Union. Several names are already being discussed for successors in the FA, which may set new standards. However, the FA is considered orthodox – a successor to which Clarke is closely related in terms of content so is in no way ruled out.

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