Fifteen of France defeated “Koh-Lanta”

Fifteen of France defeated

On Friday evening, the French team once again failed to win the Six Nations tournament (23–27 against Scotland), but it wanted to at least follow its audience in this thrill. 29.65 million viewers (29.2% audience share) followed the meeting on France 2,., With a peak of million, thus massively beating TF1’s flagship program, Koh-Lanta (4,95 M).

Last week, Veer in front of Wales (32–30), was offered this time sound, A flagship program of the first channel (6.13 million viewers against 5.1 million). What needs to be done to prove the hunger found for the players of Fabin Galthi.

With an average of 6 million spectators during the 2021 tournament, Quinz de France found an audience that it had not known since 2010, the date of its final win in the event and its final Grand Slam (6.04M on average) and even That 8.3 m. His win against England (12–10) on the final day.

12 m

Viewership during the quarter-finals of the 2015 World Cup against New Zealand (13–62) on TF1 (48% PDA).

In August 2019, in a preparation match for the World Cup in Japan, the Blues also made a huge flop Primetime Against Scotland (2.72M, 17.5% audience share). This Saturday evening, more people were interested in playing again Commissioner magellan (2.76 million viewers), a series of France 3 …

Better than french football team against ukraine

In Japan, the Blues were equally attracted to the world on TF1, keeping in mind the morning schedule of the matches (6.739M, 62.9% of the PDAs lost in the quarter-finals against Wales, 19–20 in particular) , But only 4.72M of average tournament. The 2020 edition was, while the team now operating under the leadership of its new coach, still showed a return to an already very good audience (5.658M on average).

This time, the Blues of Rugby have taken a new step, and even managed to make the French football team a little jealous. On Friday evening, France-Scotland fared better than France-Ukraine (1-1) on TF1 (6.026M, 24.3% PDA) on Wednesday evening. Audience successes do not erase losses on the pitch, but when a team manages to woo the general public, they probably have some reason to believe their future.

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