First international football match in history: Scotland

4000 Zuschauer sahen das erste Fußball-Länderspiel. ©FIRO/SID

It was a first for subletting: the first international match in football history took place on a cricket field on November 30, 1872. The West of Scotland Cricket Club continued its facilities for football in Partick, now a district of Glasgow, which was still young in Great Britain at the time.

4,000 spectators filled the ten-year-old sports facility – and were left disappointed. Because the Scottish team, which especially consisted of players from Queen’s Park Football Club, was clearly inferior to the England team. But with a zealous defensive act, he defied the guests with a flat 0-0 rout.

Which was a huge disappointment for Cuthbert Ottowe. The English captain was regarded by contemporaries as the first great football strategist. But the Oxford student, a classic centre-forward, had underestimated the resistance of the technically limited hosts.

Maybe because of the unexpected result, football in Scotland had to wait a bit longer for more recognition. It was not until four years later that international matches were moved to Hampden Park, a pure football stadium at the time.

Decades later, historians found that there had been five comparisons between the English and Scottish national teams before 1872. However, he was not recognized as an official international until later. Because: Scottish teams consisted exclusively of actors living in England.

Hamburg (SID)

Photos: Sid

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