First international match in rugby history

First international match in rugby history

About 150 years ago, a foggy Monday weather served as the backdrop for the first International match Of rugby history.

Perfume (SID) – met in Scottish on 27 March 1871 Edinburgh Today’s great rugby powers Scotland And England On each other. Two months ago, the Rugby Football Union (RFU) was the first union to begin work.

However, RFU had little in common with the organization of the first game between the two national teams. London sports magazine ‘Bell’s Life’ had published a request from a consortium of Scottish rugby clubs who wanted to return in favor of defeat under football rules.

The English took the request seriously and placed a 20-man squad around the future union president Frederick stokes Together. The selections, gathered from across the country, traveled north without knowing the rules of the game and were greeted by 4,000 frenzied Scots at Raeburn Place. Like broad-shouldered guests, the referee has apparently recently Hutchison Almonds did not follow the rules. The referee ignored an irregularity committed by the English and thus began the decision in favor of the lively Scots.

After the game, Almond, the full-time director of a private school, said he did not know if his decision was correct. If there is any doubt, he should “decide against the Lauder team. They are probably wrong.”

William Cross converted the decisive kick after Almond’s confusion of rules for a final score of 1-0 for the Scots. With his first attempt at international rugby, Angus Buchanan also went down in history. Agile Scott was later named Joanne. Rowling’s world-renowned bestselling novel ‘Harry Potter’ will get a supporting role. But that’s another story.

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