First rugby player in professional league to be publicly declared gay

First rugby player in professional league to be publicly declared gay

American Devin Ibanez is a rugby player in the Professional League. Now he has dared to take a bold step and has come out publicly as gay.

Homophobia in sports is still a big issue today. That’s why many athletes often decide to come out only after their careers are over – if at all. American Devin Ibanez has now set an example and as the first rugby professional to publicly announce that he is gay.

Devin worked hard for his playing career and in 2019 signed his first professional contract with the New England Free Jacks. Now he expresses his love for his partner Fergus on Instagram.

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emotional posting on instagram

Under a picture with his friend, Ibáez writes: “I am gay. This is something that is no secret to people close to me and even to some people. But I always have it in my rugby Has to be put out of a career.”

It ends now, as Devin explains: “I look forward to meeting others like myself who play rugby in the major leagues and hope that I can inspire the next generation of proud LGBTQ rugby players.” Devin and his partner Fergus Wade have been in a relationship for three years.

support from professional leagues

Friends and fans are excited about Ibanez’s courage and openness. He comments below the cute couple photos that he will always support Devin. The professional rugby union league “Major League Rugby” also praised Devin for his decision: “Thank you for leading the way and sharing your story openly! It takes courage to be the first, and because of you, the way.” Now more open and more inclusive for those wanting to come out. The rugby community and the MLR family are lucky to have you. (…) “

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