Fishing boat sinking | The wreck lies on the coast of Nova Scotia

  Fishing boat sinking |  The wreck lies on the coast of Nova Scotia

(Hillsburn) The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) says they may have linked the wreck to a fishing boat that sank off the coast of Nova Scotia in mid-December.

Canadian Press

Police on Monday flew nearly 100 kilometers from Digby Gut to Harborville by helicopter and found the debris “compatible” with a portion of the upper portion of Chief William Saulis.

Six men boarded Chief William Saulis. They were returning from fishing when their boat sank on the morning of 15 December. Only 48-year-old Michael Drake’s body was found from Newfoundland and Labrador.

Police said on Tuesday that they were working with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada to confirm the debris from the missing boat.

The RCMP postponed its aerial search on Tuesday due to the unavailability of the helicopter, but said it would resume operations on Wednesday.

Crew members Aaron Cogswell, Leonard Gabriel, Michael Drake, Dan Forbes and Geno Francis as well as Captain Charles Roberts were on board chief William Saulis when the Emergency Beacon signal was received on May 15 at 5:50 am.


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