Five hits in the first half frenzy from Roma Hammer Bologna


AS Roma went into a frenzy and scored a five-and-a-half half-goal on behalf of the pathetic Bologna to lead Serie A to a 1-1 victory on Sunday.

Each team also conceded two goals, and Roma hit the fifth-ranked post with 21 points, more than Juventus who then went to Genoa on Sunday.

Bologna midfielder Andrea Polly opened the floodgates five minutes later when Leonardo Spinazola turned the pass into his own net. Edin Dezko ran towards Lorenzo Pellegrini five minutes later to add another for Roma.

Bologna’s second-choice goalkeeper, Federico Ravaglia, got into his Serie A match, while Pellegrini pulled the ball out of the net again just 15 minutes after Spinazola’s geometric pass.

Pellegrini then conceded a goal for a side foul and Bologna pulled one back in the 24th minute – although Roma’s Brian Cristen turned the Mosa Barrow cross into his own net.

Jordan Weretout had a neat fourth-through pass in the 35th minute, and Henrik Mcterian ended Rick Carsardp’s run from the right just before half-time in the fifth minute.

Bologna coach Sinisa Mihajlovic substituted three halftime, and her team handled the tide after the break.

Barrow and Nicolas Dominguez were not allowed offside for Bolagna when Pellegrini launched Romano’s second attempt as an offside shortly after, before Borja hit a wooden stick for the Mayoral visitors.

(Written by Brian Homewood; edited by Hugh Law Sun)

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