Football – Commentary: He was the father of the new Switzerland

Marcel Mathier a présidé l’ASF durant huit ans.


Disappearing at the age of 85, Marcel Mathier introduced many of the reforms that still benefit Swiss football today. With Roy Hodgson, Wallacean discovered America in 1994.

Marcel Mathier presided over the ASF for eight years.

Tamedia / Beatrice Fluciguero

Swiss football mourns the father of the new (team) Switzerland. Missing at the age of 85, Marcel MathieR Will be accompanied by various changes – both structural and financial, with the signing of the first major sponsorship contracts – around pyramid for Peak of the mountain. during his eight-year reign started in 1993Welleson was at the core of Natty’s reincarnation, by then too long subscribed to honorable defeat.

after such a long absence

After more than two decades of conservatism and sporting failures, it is in part To them we attribute the return to light due to Switzerland’s participation in the American World Cup in 1994, ending 28 years of absence on stage International. With Roy (HodoYesOn its head, the national team knew how to stir up a popular enthusiasm that had been extinguished.

A few days after the opening match against this isUnited States of america (1-1 in Detroit)Sensational win against Romania DMagician Hagi – 4-1 thanks to successes signed by Alain Sutter, Stefan Chapuisat and Adrian Knup (2) – was going to make a lasting impression on history.

if he wasn’tas pExpress straight in 1992 for talk ,Secret, There was an exchange of coaches between Uli Stelik (then national coach) and Roy Hodgson. (at that time Maladier was sitting on the bench), Marcel Mathier had validated the bypass envisioned by Gilbert Facinetti, zamax big boss, With the active participation of former ASF boss Freddy Rumo.

formidable efficiency

In the wake of the Neuchâtel lawyer, who remained in the post between 1989 and 1993, a minor former player of FC Sierre. in the third league The presidential ceremony was going to continue to dust off, to do more and better than a simple role of representation. A friendly man, always quick to say hello, Marcel Mathier hid however Its good game.

without touching it,Always brimming with mischief, the Wallacean leader proved quite adept at mastering and leading the affairs he managed. Skilled negotiator and licensed golfer, it is sometimes on the Green that this lawyer-notary business won his case and closed his business, happilys Charming if not teasing, she was at easeand interesting Militia politicians linked to Valesany’s sociable finesse Strong anchorYouThe land is…

With Me Mathier, the Switzerland of football has changed eras by entering an era of professionalism. The training center base has been started, the communications department has been strengthened, large firms have contributed, starting with Credit Suisse, which has been invested since 1993 as the main sponsor of the national teams.

Long before he took the presidential chair, he insisted on hiring a technical director to the ASF, so as to promote the integration of secondos immigration issues. Not the dumbest of ideas, let’s agree…

Sepp Blatter’s good friend

Accustomed to frequent visits to the upper echelons of power, the man also entered FIFA, where his mastery of the law would make him a central figure in the reform of statutes. Like the old country in Zurich, he often found his graNDAMiles Sepp Blatter. What could they tell each other? What arrangements have they probably been able to make among friends?be under the roof or even mthose days? there’s never a light without a zones Shadow.

more than a privileged witness, white mustache ruler, in which ralopH Zlokzover, President ,Cookings”, Succeeded in 2001, embodying an era. The one where the social network didn’t exist, the one where the Romans ordered Again His law in selection and which was to foreshadow the emergence of an ambitious national team as feared from now on.

In September 1993, during one of his first overseas visits as president of the ASF, Marcel Mathier lauded Aberdeen, which Switzerland had achieved against Scotland (1–1, Bregie’s draw from the penalty spot). ,that evening, goddoes he often repeatAfter thatA team was born.,

She still exists today, that the man of sierre be thanked for,

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