Football dispute over Rangers and Celtic in Scotland

Football dispute over Rangers and Celtic in Scotland

DHe discussed Scottish professional football, even reaching Santa Santa Fe in the US state of New Mexico. A BBC reporter in a tweet confused the Santa Fe Public Library (SFPL) account with the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL). While polling in early April in Scotland led to an argument that football still prevails, library staff in the United States took it with humor. “You did it again,” he tweeted. “We can assure you that we have not done anything with football. And if so, who would care? “

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon made it clear in April that no play with the audience could be in the long term. The SPFL then called on 42 clubs to vote in the top four leagues as to whether the seasons in the second, third and fourth divisions – not yet in the first-class Scottish Premiership – would be canceled.

A decisive voice

If the game is canceled, the placement in the final table should be determined based on average points per game. Promotions and charges will be set, the next season may begin on time and financially troubled clubs will receive the necessary funds immediately which will be paid only after the end of the season.

According to the SPFL, 75 percent of the votes in each of the four leagues were required for the decision to end the season. The result was published by SPFL when the decisive voice of FC Dundee was still missing in the second-rate championship. The season was canceled. Spicy: Dundee, who finished third in the table, is said to have spoken against the early end of the negotiating season between the clubs, but later said yes.

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