Football, European Championship qualification, Scotland fans also celebrate in Germany

Football, European Championship qualification, Scotland fans also celebrate in Germany

When the Scottish EM’s dream finally came true, Frankfurt also had an extraordinary mood in the quiet Bad Willbell.

“I planned straight away: when is the first game? Go by car or fly?”, Ulli Weigman told him Sid. He “had already halted the tournament period, which is now a reversal”.

Weigman is the father of a family of 59 (two sons), and a portfolio manager in a “normal” life at Comradebank. (Overview of EM playoff results)

But above all he is: a fan of the Scottish national football team. He founded the “German Tartan Army”, a congregation of like-minded people from the Rostok, Hamburg and Frankfurt regions. They meet in international matches – whenever and as often as possible.

Scotland: So many fans in Germany are excited

It was in 1974 when the young Ulli Weigmann sparked the spark. At the World Cup, he and his father appeared in a first-round match between the Scots in Frankfurt Waldstadian against Yugoslavia (1: 1) and were “fascinated” by the colorful crowd.

In 1992, he went to EM in Denmark with his favorite team by car. Island fans there “immediately adopted him”.

That was also in 1996 and in the 1998 World Cup, the last tournament ever with Scottish participation.

Weigmann finds the German national team “boring”. It is always about the title. The Scots, on the other hand, “are very happy when they win against Latvia,” says the season ticket holder of regional league club FSV Frankfurt, who also won football in a very different way.

When the EM ticket was purchased after a dramatic victory in Serbia (5: 4 iE) on Thursday evening, “I was just tired,” Wegmann reports: “How people jumped around there – I couldn’t do it.”

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He now hopes that despite the epidemic, he can travel to the European Championships in Glasgow and London in the summer. To this dream “I will not let myself be ruined”, Weigman says: “For now I will remain optimistic. I do not want to wait another 22 years!”


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