Football for All: Scottish Federation launches new £ 1.5million initiative to inspire the next generation and recover the epidemic Football News

 Football for All: Scottish Federation launches new £ 1.5million initiative to inspire the next generation and recover the epidemic Football News

The Scottish Federation (SFA) is hoping that a £ 1.5 million investment in grassroots football, and the upcoming European Championships, can accelerate its epidemic recovery efforts and inspire the younger generation.

The joint investment effort of the Scottish Government, SFA, UEFA, FIFA and Sport Scotland, titled ‘Football for All’, aims to re-engage clubs and their communities after a year which has made the sport particularly local. Has given a tough competition. .

The SFA is now hoping that the Scottish men’s team, which is eligible for its first major tournament since 1998, can revive player registration numbers, which fell 20 per cent on the previous year.

£ 1.5bn to be seen in grassroots football in a joint investment effort involving SFA and other funds

“We have a great opportunity as summer heads in, as restrictions begin to ease, we are now seeing a lot of clubs coming back, getting their volunteers back and getting the youngsters back on the pitch Are bringing, “the head of SFA. Said football official Andy Gold.

“We can use the euro, great opportunity for the euro, to encourage youngsters to get back on the pitch and play the game.

“We think football is an important part of Scottish society and I think it can play a big role in getting out of the epidemic.

Scotland qualified for their first major tournament with a win over Serbia of 1998 last November

“This spell of being part of the European Championship, for the first time in many years, is going to play a big role in it and our role is to try to use it, especially to capture the imagination of young people, and they Get back in the game. ”

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Elaborating on the epidemic and declaring the level of participation as “a major challenge”, Gould said the SFA’s main job is to listen to the needs of its local communities and work together to find solutions.

“We obviously hope to recover and reconnect with as many players as possible,” Gould said.

SNS - Glasgow, Scotland - APRIL 02: Hampden Park is depicted on 02 April 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland.  (Photo by Craig Foy / SNS Group)
Players registration in Scotland has decreased by 20% since the start of the epidemic

“We understand that not only the registration and participation of players, but also things like facilities and volunteer labor have been challenged.

“Our role is to support these clubs, with money and opportunities in this way, to reinvest in the game, to overcome those white lines and enjoy this magic of the game.”

“No timetable for nomination of Scottish women”

Gould also revealed that the SFA had not set any deadline to appoint a new Scottish female head coach and were in no hurry to make the appointment.

The post has been vacant since Shelley Kerr stepped down in December and applications are still being accepted.

“This process is ongoing and has been going on since the end of last year,” Gould said.

Scotland's Erin Cuthbert (indistinct) celebrates her team's third goal in a FIFA Women's World Cup Group D match at the Parc des Princes in Paris.


Scottish women have yet to name a replacement for Shelley Kerr as head coach and Gould says the search is continuing

“We are delighted that Fiona McIntire is now responsible for women and women’s football as part of the Scottish Federation.

“We are still receiving applications, we are starting to look at this list. For us, the most important thing is to be able to find the right person for this group of players so that we can move the team forward.

“We do not have a timetable set. We will gradually be at a point, not in the not too distant future, where this application process ends and we move forward to find the right candidate.”


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