Football in the Lockdown: Boris Johnson Update, Premier League Trends and Potential Changes

Football in the Lockdown: Boris Johnson Update, Premier League Trends and Potential Changes

Boris Johnson has confirmed that by Thursday 5 November, England will go into a national lockdown as coronavirus cases rise significantly across the country.

The Prime Minister announced a new set of guidelines that are closely related to the lockdown that was pushed into the country earlier this year.

In March, Premier League bosses made the unprecedented decision to postpone the league season, following the EFL and the rest of the football pyramid.

After intense negotiations, the project restart signaled the resumption of the top two divisions after a three-month absence, in which Liverpool would wrap up their first title in 30 years.

But with new restrictions to take effect over the weekend, Mirror Sport Has focused on some of the key issues surrounding the ongoing campaign.

Boris Johnson confirmed that the national lockdown will begin on November 5

What did Boris Johnson say about the game in the latest lockdown announcement?

During a delayed news conference, Johnson gave a thumbs up and said, “Yes, yes, the Premier League,” when asked if the season would resume.

Shortly after the televised press conference, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport State Lever Dowden went into more detail on how the new guidelines will affect the elite sport.

“Change means people should WFH (work from home) wherever possible,” he posted on social media. “But where this is not possible, travel to the workplace will be allowed – eg closed doors, film and TV production, including the elite game played behind telecom workers.”

This means that, at least in the vicinity, the elite game will continue, as since the project restarted in June, games have been played behind closed doors under strict covid friendly guidance.

What will change?

For now, not a great deal. Restrictions still allow travel for work in the United Kingdom, meaning teams can travel farther for fixtures.

The team should also be allowed to stay overnight before the fixtures, as they are allowed to stay away from home overnight for work trips.

However it does mean that the idea of ​​spectators returning to the stadium in the near future seems very likely.

Petitions were signed to possibly change his mind, but it is likely to be pushed back to 2021 as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Premier League chief executive Richard Masters believes the top flight is well prepared to continue during the second lockdown.

With thousands of Covid-19 swabs being carried out every week for players and club staff, rigorous testing measures are already in place.

Masters recently said: “We do not think the closed door model is currently at risk.

“We think we’ve got a proven model that worked in Project Restart, and at the moment we’re happy, and so is the government, which we can continue.”

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters is confident the fixtures will continue.

What if the Premier League season can’t continue?

If the situation changes and football is forced to stop again, it is understandable that the 2020/21 season is planned to be canceled and canceled.

In September, the top 20 flight clubs were set to vote on protocol in a second suspension this season. The rules for such a position were written back in August, but more votes will now be needed before a final decision can be made.

First of all, the clubs have to decide how many matches they need to play to complete the campaign and not cancel the match. It is estimated that the figure is about two-thirds, meaning that about 25 matches will have to be completed to avoid the season being canceled.

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The 25th game week of the 2020/21 Premier League season is set for the weekend of February 20, while the 28th game week falls in mid-March.

Liverpool won the title last season after deciding to continue the season

What’s the latest on the Champions League and Europa League?

England is not the only country to impose a new period of lockdown, with both Germany and France implementing similar models last week.

UEFA has extended the deadline for group stage matches to January 28, with clubs being told they will complete their fixtures as a last resort until then.

International travel will be banned under the new rules – except for the task, the teams involved in the two major European competitions must be able to travel.

This could be further complicated if some countries bring new restrictions on the movement of the continent.

If clubs are unable to host games due to restrictions, then they must find a neutral venue in which they can match and bear the cost of any switch.

If a club cannot find an alternative venue, they will survive 3-0.

If New is unable to complete the group stage by the new January deadline, UEFA’s executive committee will decide which club qualifies from the group stage.

UEFA competitions were also suspended last season, before decisions were made at host venues across Europe.

What has the Football League said?

The EFL released a statement on Saturday night announcing that the Championship, League One and League Two would all continue.

The statement said: “During this next phase, the League has been confirmed by the Department of Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) that the elite will be able to continue the game and EFL competitions are currently scheduled (in both England and Wales).

“Since its resumption in June 2020, professional football has implemented some of the most stringent, robust and regularly reviewed protocols, and the advice of our medical experts is to adhere fully to these measures, which are specifically designed to prevent the spread of the virus.

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“The health, safety and well-being of the players and club staff during the epidemic is our first priority and we will continue this coming period of lockdowns and beyond.

“Furthermore, we acknowledge the government’s national efforts to control this outbreak and hope that during this next phase of the crisis, our national game, like many other industries negatively affected by Kovid-1 by, may continue to give some form of welcome disruption.” .And give the people of our communities a sense of normalcy to the country above and below in a very challenging time. “

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What about non-league, amateur, women’s and school football?

As it stands, the National League can continue north and south, non-league football.

DCMS chief Oliver Dowden said the “elite game” could continue – and that the league was considered “elite sport” at the bottom.

However, the National League has not commented on the matter.

In addition, more clarification is required from the government, the latest guidelines state: “There is no exemption for places of worship (except funerals and individual prayers), organized team games, or communal worship in children’s activities.”

Thus, with the declaration that “people can only exercise outside at home or with another person”, the implicit effect is that all lower levels of non-league pyramids, Sunday league football and children’s sports will have to be suspended.

For children BBC Reported: “Schools remain open but club sports for children outside that setting have to close until December.”

Women’s football, at all levels, also needs attention.

The Women’s Super League has been played behind closed doors and may well be allowed to continue; But after Sunday’s FA Cup final, between Everton and Manchester City at Wembley, answers will be needed.

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