Football. Patrice Lair: “I’ll probably find something of value in Bordeaux” – football

  Football.  Patrice Lair:

“It’s not at 60 that I’ll be replaced! Patrice Lair is to be taken as she is. Frank, cash, direct. Of course, its unfiltered language hides a deep sensibility. As he puts it himself: “It Two years was tough, it was long”.

The Erquy native has certainly worked on an overhaul of the La Rochelle club, particularly its women’s section. But his expulsion from An Avant Guingamp on September 23, 2019, three months after his appointment, is still undigested. “I left with dignity. The interviews I read later pissed me off.”

Costa Rican coaches are particularly angry with former President Bertrand Desplatte if he doesn’t pronounce his name. “I get a little lost in this world of football sometimes. Everyone has an opinion on everything. In Guangamp, when I was there, there was a fire. The clubs that work are really structured” .

“It was done in 24 hours”

This wish, he hopes to fulfill in Bordeaux. “It was done in 24 hours,” he says. Gerard López, the new owner, wanted an experienced coach. However, Patrice Lyre’s CV has no equivalent, having been made in Montpellier (2 French Cups), certainly in the Paris SG (1 French Cup) in Lyon (2 Champions League, 4 French Championship titles, 3 French Cups). .

Among the Girondins, he replaced Spaniard Pedro Martínez Llosa at short notice, leaving to lead the Scottish national team. The former Plancoit player and Stade Briochin, who had been appointed just a week earlier, did not have control over the recruitment. Jamaican Khadija Shaw, last year’s top scorer (22 goals), left notably for Manchester City. “No one has set any goals for me other than bridging the gap with young people,” he explains.

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Wednesday in the Champions League

Except that the competition will already catch him. They will face Czech Republic’s Slovako in the first preliminary round of the Champions League from Wednesday. Then, if successful, they would challenge three days after the winner of Kristianstedt (Sweden) – Brndby (Denmark). “It will be difficult but they are in spirit, Appreciate Costamerican. I’ve always hated smuggling and not girls. I can find some value here. Girls know how to smile, it’s light.” Patrice Lyer, at 60, is on a path of appeasement.


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