Football: System FB needs adaptation

Football: System FB needs adaptation

On Friday, following a 2-1 loss in the semi-finals of the play-offs in Wales, OFB president Gerhard Melitich instructed its sporting director Peter Schötel to “consider and describe candidates who are competent, free and affordable”. . Shotel himself is not up for debate. “It was not an issue at all, neither in the Presidium nor with me,” Miletich added in an APA interview.

It has and remains rooted with the lack of conception around the domestic senior national team. A presidium without technical know-how ultimately decides the next team boss, suggested by a sporting director who was placed in office in 2017 without a concept and is also responsible for this World Cup. If everything continues as usual, the team’s new boss will be named Peter Stoeger.

Know FB. criticizes structures in

Along with Mark Janko, one of the greats of OFB history speaks. The players of the 70-time team criticize the structures in the union and cast doubt on the playing ability of the members of the executive committee.

Why it is so: Bureau without expertise

A look at 2017: again, Wales was not worth a visit for the FB team, a 0–1 draw in Cardiff ended the last realistic hopes of participating in the 2018 World Cup, a month after Marcel Koller returned to the team He had history as owner and had to keep up with Willibald Rattensteiner as sports director. Not because he failed professionally, the 16 years of his tenure as development spoke for him, but “the topic of communication has not always been to everyone’s satisfaction, it was certainly the deciding factor,” said OFB’s director at the time. President Leo Windner said. , At present, he himself remains in the post.

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Most of the state presidents who worked side by side with Rutensteiner still are. Some of them are judges or lawyers who are committed to football but have no professional expertise. Former team player Mark Janko was not unduly surprised in the context of Koller and Rattensteiner’s humiliating departure in 2017: “I wonder whether the game and the development of the team are always in the foreground.” Five years later he reiterated his criticism as nothing changed.

GEPA/Christian Walgram

Management team in 2017, including today’s President Miletich (second from right)

At the executive committee meeting in October 2017, Schöttel, who had just been appointed as the boss of the U19 team, was chosen as his successor. He had no concept at the time due to time constraints, but he believed in himself “because I got to know football from all perspectives”. Long and well-deserved fast and team defender prematurely failed as sports director and coach in Hateldorf.

After some disclaimers (amongst Stöger’s others), Schötel suggested Koller’s successor: record team player Andreas Herzog and Bundesliga coaches Thorsten Fink (Austria) and Franco Foda (Sturm). When the latter was chosen, doubts were still rife, as Foda’s football had always been more associated with administration than design. Four and a half years later, skeptics can feel confirmed.

As it should be: the concept overshadows everything

There was a clear demonstration in Wales on Thursday that this talented generation of players needs more help from the national team to win such cuts. “The fact that we didn’t find a solution with a lot of possession has nothing to do with Gareth Bale. The idea is a little missing,” said ORF TV specialist Roman Mahlich. Last but not least, it is up to the coaching to show the players solutions. It didn’t work or it didn’t work well enough. Foda assigns responsibility to the players (“You have complete freedom”). The fact that players make mistakes is not the fault of the team boss.

roman molly


TV lead specialist Roman Mahlich FB. look for clear words in the direction of

One thing is clear, Shotel will again lead the search for a team manager. He does this not alone, but with anonymous experts. “These are definitely people who are on a very good path, who have chosen trainers that I trust a lot.” In 2017, he’ll talk to 15 trainers, he’s good at Austrian Present a Solution, but you won’t stop looking at national boundaries. A young, exciting coach is also possible, Schottel insisted when asked frankly.

Mahlich, one of his former OFB teammates, probably spoke heart to many football fans. “What I want would be a red thread, how teams should play on FB, up to the A-team. So that we can define a philosophy, some key points, and order a coach based on this philosophy.”

What to consider: Team playfully

As far as philosophy is concerned, Schottel himself raised an important point. In this context, he referred to several players from the Red Bull School, who work extremely hard against the ball with extreme physical fitness. On the other hand, there is a significant group of national players who have been successful in their career mainly capturing football.

In addition to the legends Marko Arnatovic and David Alaba, it will also feature Hoffenheim’s Christoph Baumgartner and Florian Grelitsch – two young players who are upping the ante this OFB decade. Youth national teams are also facing the same situation already – Red Bull style vs “Wiener AK” (Schottel). Ideally, the FB team should merge the two in the future.

Players of the FB team before the match against Wales

GEPA/Johannes Friedley

It only works together: the Austria national football team must find a common path to success

“This dynamic, this physicality, in a game against the ball should definitely become our trademark,” says Schotel. “We want to use the weapons we have in suppression. Still, these fickle elements should not be neglected. They have to deal with this issue,” Schottel said of the new head coach. Players Together Ready to find a way out.” If it doesn’t work out well, we’re all to blame. Not just the coach, but the players too,” said Stephen Lenner.

Why Wales is on its way to the World Cup: Self-reflection

Wells has already found its way that works. They have lost just two out of 20 games under interim coach Robert Page and are just one more home game away from making it to the World Cup for the second time since 1958. They had not qualified for any finals until EM 2016, the lowest point being 2012, when they managed only one win in seven matches. A real collective was formed around the superstar Gareth Bale.

Wales is limited when it comes to the game, but completely changes and takes its chances. Defensively you throw in everything you have. It makes the mark, loud fans, have had their fair share of 17 home games without losing success in a row. Also because the association has recognized that it makes more sense to play in a smaller, full stadium than a large rugby field, which is then half empty.

The FB team can also fill the Ernst Happel stadium, which is unfavourable in football, if the right path is taken – see EM Qualifiers 2015. The local public does not demand the title, only a cohesive team that does not slow itself down and is not slowed down from the outside and can harness its potential. So that it works again with World Cup partnership.


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