football | Third League: Waldhof against FCK: Hot doubles, but no goals in derby

 football |  Third League: Waldhof against FCK: Hot doubles, but no goals in derby

Status: 02/21/2022 5:13 PM

SV Waldhof Mannheim and 1. FC Kaiserslautern drew on day 27 of the Third Division. Mannheim moved up to fourth but failed to close the gap to FCK.

19,000 spectators were admitted to Mannheim’s Karl Benz Stadium (20 February), with 1,900 FCK. Almost non-stop he sang about Derby, which offered him hot duets, but no goals. It ended 0-0.

FCK midfielder Felix Gotze replaces the injured

In one of these doubles, Lautern’s Felix Götz, who started for René Klingenberg (fifth yellow card), sprained his ankle. After a quarter of an hour Götz had to be replaced with a sore face. Daniil Hanslik came into the game.

Derby: Waldhofs Sohm and Lauterns Boyd with first chances

Mannheim struggled to put FCK under pressure at the start, the best defensive in the league. But it took 21 minutes for the first dangerous situation to develop. Striker Pascal Sohm took a cross in FCK’s penalty area under pressure, but could not finish. Mark Schnatterer’s shot was also blocked. The Red Devils, who for their part found little room to maneuver in the Mannheim defence, got their first chance early on through Terrence Boyd. Passed by Kenny Prince Redondo, the striker aimed from far away, Timo Königsmann made a save in the hosts’ goal. It was Boyd and Marlon Ritter who tried long-range shots before half-time. At the other end, Schnatterer demanded a penalty, but referee Deniz Aytekin, who controlled the game with a calm demeanor, refused.

Waldhof’s Adrian LeBeau injured, Sohm and Boyd again pardoned

The second half started as before: with intense doubles and injury. This time it hit Mannheim’s Adrian Lebeau. He was to be replaced and was replaced by Joseph Boyamba. And like in the first round, Soham and Boyd had their first chance. Mannheim’s Sohm pushed the ball behind goal from close range to the right, and after a few shots Boyd of Lauterne fired well over the goal a few yards from the goal. It was the game’s biggest ever up to that point. Both the strikers should have given the lead to their respective teams. Boyd later said: “I wanted to bang the thing all over the pot. I feel like the only loser in the Derby because I could – or should have – gave Lautern the win.”

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The derby, which was demonstrated not only by these scenes, gained momentum. Of the two determined teams, Mannheim seemed even more determined, even closer to the first goal, driven by vocal fans. Shots, for example by Marcel Costly, were unsuccessful. The last big opportunity was missed by Marcel Siegert after a corner. The game ended without a goal. Mannheim’s Marco Höger on “Magentasport” said: “We can’t blame ourselves, but the last third currently lacks the efficiency and the necessary luck.” But the midfielder saw a lot of positives. “We can build on the way we played and I think it’s also a compliment to see Kaiserslautern celebrate that point,” he said.

Mannheim moved up to fourth, FCK in second

As in the first step. At that point, FCK had seen two red cards in the first half and still won a point. Since then the team has moved from 15th to second place, where it currently has 47 points. The Mannheim team, which repeatedly appeared in the top three in the first half of the season, are fourth with 43 points but have already played 27 games, one more than FCK.


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